The Best Travel Apps of 2018

The Best Travel Apps of 2018

The best travel apps for a better organized you when traveling

Tricount : Easily keep track of group travel spending with friends

It has happened to all of us, we go on a trip with friends but nobody remembers who paid what.
Tricount is quite useful for any activity with friends and colleagues such as holidays, outings and weekend getaways. The application is available on iOS, Android and on the web! All currencies are accepted, even bitcoins if you wish!

Available :

TripIT : Organisez your trip from A to Z !

You take care of the booking and TripIT takes care of everything else. Access and share your plans in the blink of an eye. No more searching screens to find important details of your flight. Put them instantly in TripIt.

Available :

XE Converter: Get the latest exchange rates LIVE!

You are currently in Brazil and not sure how much 100 the Brazilian Real is worth? It's simple and effective, you just have to download XE the currency converter and voila!

Available :

The Best Travel Apps for having fun!

AroundMe : The most practical way to find activities around you!

You’re currently in Australia but you don’t know where to go out? This application allows you to discover bars, restaurants and even concerts nearby! AroundMe provides you with practical information at a mere glance.

Available :

Yuggler : Children also have the right to fun!

Thanks to this app, kids will no longer be on their phones all day long. With Yuggler, discover the best activities to share with your family during your vacation.
In just a few seconds find the most popular places. Yuggler can also save you money by finding the best deals for your children's favorite activities!

Only available on iOS.

The Best Travel Apps for being a pro navigator!

Google Maps : Navigation and public transportation

Surely, it must have happened to you before when abroad and looking for a restaurant address? Google Maps will be your GPS and help you find the fastest way to get there.

Available :

CityMapper: There’s no more secrets about public transportation!

This app is ideal for those who travel around town using public transport. It offers you at any given time different routes according to your preferences, with complete information such as: the subway exit, line changes or the fastest mode of transport. Moreover, it’s already available in 39 cities like London, Brussels and Rome !

Available :

Google Translate: The world is closer than ever with more than 100 languages ​​available

Language barriers can sometimes be an obstacle. Thanks to Google Translate can help you to interact with locals. Need to understand the label of a product or the restaurant menu ? The application automatically translates the text from a simple photo! Certainly one of the most popular mobile applications for travelers since it is able to translate more than 100 languages.

Available :

IziTRavel : Guided tours in more than 1,800 cities worldwide!

You decide to head on a solo trip to explore Madrid ?

izi.TRAVEL is your personal tour guide. It offers a variety of cultural itineraries with checkpoints, historical photo galleries and high quality audio guides for each excursion.
The app provides maps and guides for several destinations like Berlin or London!

Available :

And you, what are your favorite travel apps? Feel free to complete this selection with your favorite apps!

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