What to do in Brussels during this trip?

What to do in Brussels during this trip?

What happens when you arrive in a new and unknown city? Sometimes you don't know exactly what to do. My Webspot's Belgium pocket wifi is the ideal companion, to help you discover the city while staying connected. What about Brussels? This article, what to do in Brussels, will help you! Here are some tips and addresses so that you can enjoy your stay.

What to do in Brussels: Taste

Belgians are good living, and their capital reflects their way of life. You will easily find good restaurants and brasseries. We will give you some must-see places in the Belgian capital.

For beer lovers, they have to go to the Delirium Tremens (Impasse de la Fidélité), there is a choice of more than 2000 beers. For those who prefer chocolate, go to Chocopolis rue du Marché aux Herbes. It is the largest chocolate shop in Brussels and the most famous. The last thing we can advise you is to enjoy a Liège waffle. You can find them in many bakeries and pastry shops, or in a Christmas market if you visit the city in winter.

A must see in Brussels

The most famous statue in Brussels is a naked little boy relieving himself. You must have recognized the description of the Manneken-Pis. You will find it at the crossroads of rue de l'Etuve and rue du Chêne, it is near the Grand Place. We advise you to go there too, bordered by the guild houses, the town hall and the King's House. These Gothic buildings are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place remains a magical place in the capital.

We also invite you to visit the Royal Galleries, which are near the Grand Place. Built in 1847 by Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar, they house many restaurants, shops, cinemas and some theatres. Outside the city, you can visit the Atomium. Built in 1958 for the Universal Exhibition, it is an architectural feat. Reopened in 2006, from this building, you can admire the Belgian capital from the 102 meters of this structure.

Various activities to do in Brussels

Near the Atomium, you can travel through Europe in a very short time. At Mini Europe, you will see more than 350 miniatures of the most famous buildings in the European Union (Eiffel Tower, Westminster, the Grand Place...). There are many parks near Mini Europe and we recommend that you visit the Japanese Tower Garden. It is one of the most beautiful gardens, you can observe collections of Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

Comic book fans will be served in Brussels. You can take advantage of your walks in Brussels to discover statues and murals of your favourite heroes. We also recommend that you visit the Musée BD (20 rue des Sables). You will learn about the history of Belgian comics. And you may find a new series for your collection.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay, and that our work in Brussels has helped you.

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