Visit Berlin: unusual course of the capital of Europe

Visit Berlin: unusual course of the capital of Europe

Let’s travel the city as you have never seen. We propose you a guide for the novice traveller. Here is the guide to discover and visit Berlin from the inside. An unusual, original and complete way to visit Germany's capital. From the famous Museums, by the Pake crossing the city, via the green walks, we'll show you an uncommon way to discover Berlin.


Visit Berlin: Discover a city which the tourist-guides don’t propose you.

A classic of Berlin: the island to museums

Right in the heart of the city of Berlin, this island is registered on the Heritage of the UNESCO since 1999, this island includes 5 museums distributing an incredible collection of antique, Egyptian or prehistoric works. Bombarded during the 2nd World war, then shared between GDR and FRG, this island knew a total restoration with the re-creation of some destroyed museums. We can find Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode-Museum and finally Pergamonmuseum there. Find all the informations you need on Museum Island.

Green stroll along Panke


Berlin is the greenest city of Europe, and for a very good reason: the city abounds green strolls. Among them, the small district of Pankow crossed by the Panke offers a stroll plunged into the Berlin vegetation. With this water stream, you can admire private gardens finely worked. Farther in the district of Soldiner you can find small galleries, when passing by the old factories of the city. They are made of red bricks walls, and have been turned into warehouses and workshops. At the end of this way, you will find the restaurant Panke, at the heart of gardens, totally isolated by the city.


A journey in past: the mountain of the Devil

Real relics of World war 2, the mountain of the Devil abounds in rests of military constructions. It is now a place for research for German students, which was built at the request of Adolf Hitler. Destroyed by the Allied Forces, the district of Teufelsberg was converted into a spying facility by Americans at the end of World war 2, and during Cold War. Today, you will find a huge artificial hill there. It makes up the ruins of German constructions and hide the disastrous memory of these places at the heart of the world confrontation of 39-45.

The roots bar: Holzmarkt

Around a Beach volley’s ground, raise some clothes sale stands,maintained on carrying wooden made with objects of recycling, on some Saturdays a month. At the edge of Spree exists a bar outside with roots spirit and singular charm: Holzmarkt. You can rest in a hammock or sip a glass at the edge of the river in an outdoor, cosy installation, in the hollow of trees. Opened only in the daytime with good weather, you can be certain to live a unique and totally unusual moment in the full heart of Berlin.

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