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Reviewed by PCMag

Zohra Dridi

3 weeks ago

One of my friend recommended me my Webspot for my trip to Italy, and I'm really satisfied with the service ! Very useful and simple. I was impressed by the connection, I used to waste some time searching for free wifi to check my emails, look for a location etc... but not this time ! It makes you enjoy even more your trip. The team was aslo extremely helpful and reactive. Great first experience !


B C.

Cincinnati, OH
20 friends, 5 reviews, 1 photo

After another vendor failed to deliver a hot spot on time, My Webspot saved the day! I didn't have time to pre-order it, but they have an office in Paris and I was able to pick it up. The girl was very friendly and explained how to use it. I got a postage paid envelope for the country I was returning it from and just dropped it at the hotel front desk before heading to the airport. You can turn it off when you have other wifi options and reserve the battery, but we never had any issues. The coverage was a little spotty in more rural areas, but overall, excellent!

in the last week

Stephen Kallager


Booked the pocket wifi from my Webspot for my trip to Paris and the south of France, it was very convenient to find locations in Paris with that and not be dependent on free wifi and hotel wifi.

8:49 PM- 02 May 2017


Ipe Atatuirk

3 months ago

I really enjoyed my webspot device. It was very easy to use. They delivered it to my hotel with a prepaid envelope to send it back. I had wifi connection everywhere.I really recommend My-Webspot devices, they are perfect for travelers!


Lois Sunjay

Dalas, TX
23 friends, 68 reviews, 3 photos

There were two of us chosen to represent our company in the business conference in Paris, France and My Webspot was a great part of the trip; google maps, doing our task at night and mostly Skype, Instagram and Facebook to update our family back home. I used to travel across different states in the US, but being on the other country way way far from the culture you've used too wasn't easy-the travel, finding places, excitements and sometimes being unable to find your way to your destination, though it has a lot of fun, but undeniably fearful for the beginners like us. It was just a 5 day conference, yet the whole trip took 12 days including the leisure time. We were so grateful we had a reliable internet speed wherever we go-4G in most places and has no problem with the connection all throughout the trip. I strongly recommend this internet provider.

José Solá

We recently travel to Europe (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and France) for two weeks. We were a group of six and we shared the rent expenses of the My Webspot portable Wifi AP. The device was delivered to our hotel in Munich and the receptionist handed to us when we arrived. We used it in major cities like Munich, Salzburg, Nuremberg, Dresden, Prague, Paris and Frankfurt. The service was excellent with the following exception: If you use it heavily, battery ran our in 5 hours. In future travels to Europe, I will definitely will look to rent it again especially because they have a very friendly customer service =)

Oct 11, 2016

James Carrager

2 months ago

It was great to take with us for a school group around Europe for two weeks- having the car charger definitely helps a lot! The speed was good with 5 people hooked at any given time. The login speed for a daypass was decent and it took only 2 minutes to start using the daypass. We will use it again for our next trip :) Appreciated the great support


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