Major cities in the world covered by our pocket wifi

Major cities in the world covered by our pocket wifi

My Webspot covers all major cities in the world. Everyone can travel all around the world and benefit from a stable and reliable internet connection.

My Webspot will help any traveler to enjoy his preferred app, access to his emails, stay in touch with his family and friends.  All the small things that will make their trip easier.

You can find below a list of all the European major cities in order to stay connected when visiting Europe:


-Pocket WiFi Innsbruck

-Pocket WiFi Salzburg

-Pocket WiFi Salzkammergut

-Pocket WiFi Vienna



-Pocket WiFi Antwerp

-Pocket WiFi Bruges

-Pocket WiFi Brussels

-Pocket WiFi Ghent



-Pocket WiFi Basel

-Pocket WiFi Bern

-Pocket WiFi Zurich


Czech Republic

-Pocket WiFi Prague



-Pocket WiFi Barcelona

-Pocket WiFi Bilbao

-Pocket WiFi Cordoba

-Pocket WiFi Granada

-Pocket WiFi Madrid

-Pocket WiFi Malaga

-Pocket WiFi Salamanca

-Pocket WiFi Seville

-Pocket WiFi Toledo

-Pocket WiFi Valencia


United Kingdom

-Pocket WiFi Birmingham

-Pocket WiFi Brighton

-Pocket WiFi Durham

-Pocket WiFi Edinburgh

-Pocket WiFi Hull

-Pocket WiFi Leeds

-Pocket WiFi Liverpool

-Pocket WiFi London

-Pocket WiFi Manchester

-Pocket WiFi Norwich

-Pocket WiFi Nottingham

-Pocket WiFi Wales

-Pocket WiFi York


-Pocket WiFi Athens

-Pocket WiFi Corfu

-Pocket WiFi Nafplio

-Pocket WiFi Rhodes

-Pocket WiFi Santorini

-Pocket WiFi Zakynthos



-Pocket WiFi Budapest


-Pocket WiFi Dublin



-Pocket WiFi Bologna

-Pocket WiFi Florence

-Pocket WiFi Genoa

-Pocket WiFi Milan

-Pocket WiFi Naples

-Pocket WiFi Perugia

-Pocket WiFi Rome

-Pocket WiFi Turin

-Pocket WiFi Venice

-Pocket WiFi Verona



-Pocket WiFi Amsterdam

-Pocket WiFi Eindhoven

-Pocket WiFi Rotterdam

-Pocket WiFi The Hague

-Pocket WiFi Utrecht



-Pocket WiFi Lisbon

-Pocket WiFi Porto

-Pocket WiFi Sintra


-Pocket WiFi Berlin

-Pocket WiFi Cologne

-Pocket WiFi Dortmund

-Pocket WiFi Dusseldorf

-Pocket WiFi Essen

-Pocket WiFi Frankfurt

-Pocket WiFi Hamburg

-Pocket WiFi Heidelberg

-Pocket WiFi Munich

-Pocket WiFi Stuttgart


-Pocket WiFi Aix

-Pocket WiFi Annecy

-Pocket WiFi Bordeaux

-Pocket WiFi Chamonix

-Pocket WiFi Lille

-Pocket WiFi Lyon

-Pocket WiFi Marseille

-Pocket WiFi Montpellier

-Pocket WiFi Nantes

-Pocket WiFi Nice

-Pocket WiFi Paris

-Pocket WiFi Strasbourg

-Pocket WiFi Toulouse

Find below the list of all the major Asian cities in order to stay connected during your trip:


-Pocket WiFi Adelaide

-Pocket WiFi Brisbane

-Pocket WiFi Cairns

-Pocket WiFi Melbourne

-Pocket WiFi Perth

-Pocket WiFi Sydney



-Pocket WiFi Beijing

-Pocket WiFi Chengdu

-Pocket WiFi Hangzhou

-Pocket WiFi Lijiang

-Pocket WiFi Luoyang

-Pocket WiFi Shanghai



-Pocket WiFi Bali

-Pocket WiFi Jakarta



-Pocket WiFi Kanagawa

-Pocket WiFi Kyoto

-Pocket WiFi Okinawa

-Pocket WiFi Osaka

-Pocket WiFi Tokyo


South Korea

-Pocket WiFi Boseong

-Pocket WiFi Busan

-Pocket WiFi Gyeongju

-Pocket WiFi Jinhae

-Pocket WiFi Seoul



-Pocket WiFi Bohol

-Pocket WiFi Boracay

-Pocket WiFi Cebu

-Pocket WiFi Manila

-Pocket WiFi Vigan



-Pocket WiFi Bangkok

-Pocket WiFi Hua Hin

-Pocket WiFi Khao Lak

-Pocket WiFi Koh Samui

-Pocket WiFi Phuket


Here is the list of major cities covered in Middle east:

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

-Pocket WiFi Dubai


-Pocket WiFi Ankara

-Pocket WiFi Antalya

-Pocket WiFi Bodrum

-Pocket WiFi Istanbul


Find below the list of all the major North American cities in order to stay connected during your trip:

United States (USA)

-Pocket WiFi Atlanta

-Pocket WiFi Boston

-Pocket WiFi Chicago

-Pocket WiFi Hawai

-Pocket WiFi Las Vegas

-Pocket WiFi Los Angeles

-Pocket WiFi Louisiana

-Pocket WiFi Miami

-Pocket WiFi New York

-Pocket WiFi Orlando

-Pocket WiFi Philadelphia

-Pocket WiFi San Diego

-Pocket WiFi San Francisco

-Pocket WiFi Texas

-Pocket WiFi Washington



-Pocket WiFi Cabos

-Pocket WiFi Cancun

-Pocket WiFi Guadalajara

-Pocket WiFi Mexico City

-Pocket WiFi Monterrey

-Pocket WiFi Tulum



*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.