Mobile Hotspot: How Can It Be Your Best Travel Companion?

Mobile Hotspot: How Can It Be Your Best Travel Companion?

Finding reliable and fast internet access while you’re traveling is not always easy. Whether you stop by a coffee shop to find quick internet access or spend hours in your hotel’s lobby trying to find that one stop where the Wi-Fi signal is strong, finding a stable internet connection while you’re traveling can be a daunting task. This is where the importance of mobile hotspot comes into the picture. In this post, we’ll talk about how a mobile hotspot can be your travel companion during the difficult times you spend, trying to find a suitable internet connection. Keep reading to know more.


First things first – How does a Mobile Hotspot function?

In simple words, a mobile hotspot is typically a device or a modem, usually pocket-sized. It connects to the nearest cellular towers and broadcasts the signal back in the form of a Wi-Fi network. Using this mobile hotspot, your friends and you can connect to the internet while you’re on a road trip or relaxing in the mountains. By using a hotspot device, you utilize a cellular data connection but not like your cell phone’s data. You don’t end up piling unnecessary bytes against your cell phone data.

There are several companies out there which provide mobile hotspot devices that can be used up to 5-7 people at a time (we’ll talk about them in the later part of this post). The connection is secure, so you don’t need to connect to insecure public Wi-Fi devices. With a hotspot in your pocket, you don’t need to waste your time at a coffee shop or mall, especially if you’re on a business trip.

How to find the best mobile hotspot device?

There are two ways in which you can get a hotspot device for your vacation – purchase a hotspot device or rent one for your travel period. The latter is a good option since you don’t need to spend a large sum. Hotspots on rent are affordable and easy on your pocket. However, if you travel several times every year, purchasing a mobile hotspot would be a good option. The rental of a mobile hotspot device can be any amount between $40 to $99.

While renting a mobile hotspot, you typically book the device online through the company’s website or contact the company via phone or e-mail. The hotspot company then ships the device to your address. The hotspot package usually contains an instruction manual, shipping labels, and the main mobile hotspot device.

What about the speed of a mobile hotspot?

To be honest, since you’ll be using cellular data, the transfer and download speeds might be a bit low, especially when you connect more than one device. Nevertheless, the connection speeds completely depend on your area and the signal strength in that particular area.

The most reputable mobile hotspot companies on the market 

Based on extensive market research and ratings and reviews by existing customers, we’ve concluded that “My Webspot” is currently the most reputable mobile hotspot company on the market. If you’re looking for a reliable travel companion, all you need is the My Webspot mobile hotspot device to make life easy for you while you’re traveling to different parts of the world. The cellular data coverage is excellent, the customer service is exceptional, and the print point is worth mentioning.

With My Webspot, you can enjoy high speed 4G internet in any corner of the world.

Why choose My Webspot as your travel companion?

  • A chance to save up to 95% of your roaming charges
  • Leverage high-speed 4G connection in the Basic Plan
  • Connect up to 5 devices at a time
  • Long-lasting battery, use the mobile hotspot device for up to 8 hours straight
  • Enjoy internet access in over 100 countries
  • Free delivery in USA, Mexico, Europe, and Singapore
  • No need to sign any contract
  • No hidden costs

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How to book the My Webspot mobile hotspot?

It’s extremely simple to order My Webspot right at your doorstep. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Book the hotspot device online
  • The company will deliver the mobile hotspot device at your doorstep
  • Enjoy unlimited, high-speed internet in 100 countries
  • When you don’t need the device anymore, pack it in an envelope and ship it back

Improve the way to travel with mobile hotspot

Now that you know how a hotspot device can change the way you access the internet while you’re traveling, stop wasting your time at random coffee shops, malls, hotels, and restaurants, trying to connect to a weak or insecure Wi-Fi. Always remember, cellular carriers in different countries have limited coverage locations. Most of the hotspot companies join hands with different cellular carriers to increase the operative coverage area.

If you’re renting a Pocket Wi-FI device online, make sure you go through the terms and conditions in details. Understand the usage plans carefully and ask the company if you have any questions.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post on the importance of mobile hotspots for travelers.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.