What is a Pocket WiFi & How to Use It?

what is a pocket wifiAs technology advances so do our concerns and interests. It is important being informed about new products which could possibly make our lives better. Pocket WiFi’s are one of those. Yesterday we were sending carrier pigeons; nowadays we have the gift of communication in the palm of our hands.

Thus you need to learn a few things about the Pocket WiFi. Also, you need to know how to use it, as well as their advantages and how to find the best portable internet on the market.

First, you need to know Pocket WiFi is very useful if you are traveling or you are in a place with the weak telephone connection. In this way, you are going to keep connected to the internet even if you don’t have a working phone line.

A mobile WiFi router with a SIM card is a very clever option if being all-time online is important for you. Let’s find out all you need to use a Pocket WiFi.  

What is a Pocket WiFi?

A Pocket WiFi is a small gadget which fits in the palm of your hand and it is very light. Its function is broadcasting internet to the compatible devices around it, like Smartphones, tablets, cameras or personal computers.

For example, you are exploring the Paris Catacombs. You are underground so your phone connection maybe is very weak. Using a portable WiFi, you have internet access no matter what.

In the same way, if you are going to travel to Berlin and you desire to keep your internet access, you can do it.

Even if you are out of your country, with mobile WiFi you will be online. This device has the approximate size of a small cell phone so it is easy to carry.

How does a Portable WiFi work?

This mobile router transforms 3G or 4G connection into a private WiFi signal to your different devices. Thus it works as a WiFi access point at home, generating a WiFi radio field of about 10-15 meters. It is not necessary to install cables and software in order to use it. You just turn it on and follow the directions.

In this sense, the portable WiFi is a router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot. It needs a SIM card which supplies the internet to wireless connection device like Smartphones, tablets, personal computers.

Portable WiFi establishes high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by up to 10 users at a time. So you can travel to Egypt and admire the emblematic pyramids with your whole family and share the internet connection. You will save a lot of money!

Who needs a Pocket WiFi?

what is a pocket wifi and who needs oneA portable WiFi is an ideal item for those who need a safe, permanent and mobile internet connection. You are an online professor who keeps moving or an art student making a thesis abroad, if you need portable internet, you need a Pocket WiFi.

Likewise, if you are traveling, maybe you need to keep the connection back home. You want to talk to your family or perhaps you are on a business trip and internet access is vital for you. Our recommendation for you is a portable WiFi.

How should be a good portable hotspot?

Remember a portable hotspot creates a WiFi network as an access point so you are going to be online as long as you are in the device range. First, Pocket WiFi should be small and light. It must literally fit in your pocket.

Second, its battery should last more time because the Pocket WiFi has its own source of power.

In this order, you should also find one portable WiFi which has compatibility with 4G LTE networks.

Otherwise, you may lose the connection when you more need it. A good device has USB charging ports and microSD ports, thus you can introduce several SIM card formats.

Then if you acquired a good mobile hotspot, you wouldn’t feel its weight and its battery would be autonomous. Some of them do not have an internal battery, so they need to be plugged. Its coverage should be wider and the navigation would be faster.

With a good product, you can even have an extra shared storage. Since the Pocket WiFi allows you to share microSD cards or USB memories.

What is the downside of a Pocket WiFi?

This is very important for you to know. Many people think with a Pocket WiFi, they can steal WiFi signals. First, that is a crime; second, you cannot do it. In order to get the WiFi service, you need to buy a data plan with a SIM card, so it is not possible to get other people WiFi.

Hence mobile hotspot is not a device to amplify WiFi signal from other sources. So if you are in the Zocalo square in Mexico, using free WiFi and you want to use Pocket WiFi to improve that signal, it won’t work, pal!

Pocket WiFi for Europe Unlimited Internet My Webspot

How does a Portable WiFi Rental work?

This portable WiFi hotspot device with SIM card is ready for you to buy it or rent it. Our recommendation is to hire prepaid Pocket WiFi without permanence. There are many companies that offer this service, they offer the device for rent and give you a prepaid SIM card. So you know exactly what are you are going to spend.

In case you need more data, you recharge your SIM card and continue using it.

Besides, those companies usually offer several packages for you to choose. For instance, if you are planning to climb the Everest, making a yoga retreat in Bali and walk around the Chinese wall you can get an Asia package and enjoy the Pocket WiFi service in several countries.

You need to know the device itself serves to any country, but the SIM card is programmed to function on specific areas. Then is important you do some research and choose the best portable WiFi router and SIM card for you.

Finally, we recommend you do some online research to find the best mobile hotspot, with an appropriate SIM card data package. You can order and pay for it online, by Paypal, Stripe or international debit or credit cards. Later you need to follow the instructions to activate it and you are ready to walk around Warsaw using the best apps for don’t miss a thing!

What are the Mobile WiFi Options on the market?

what is a pocket wifi and what are the different mobile options There are many options on the portable WiFi market. Vodafone promotes a MiFi (Mobil WiFi) with High-Speed Packet Access technology (HSPA) which allows the simultaneous connection of 5 devices. This company also sells a prepaid SIM card with 3G connection.

Orange offers the portable router Airbox 4G which can connect up to 10 devices. Orange promotes also the amazing Airbox Auto 4G which plugs into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.

By the other, hand Verizon has a hotspot mobile with 4G LTE, you can connect 15 devices and its battery lasts 24 hours. Sprint promotes Franklin R910 Mobile hotspot which can browse the internet with up to 4G LTE speeds.  

My Webspot offers a small device that broadcasts WiFi, up to 15 meters around you, on which you can connect up to five devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops) at once. The Pocket WiFi rental will allow you to get 4G LTE and unlimited data with a fair usage of up to 5GB per day.

Among all options, this is the only way you can browse the internet so fast and long. Its battery in use will last up 8 hours, they also give you an additional battery and it fits in the palm of your hand. In addition, it is prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want.

What are the advantages of using a Pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi is like a tiny magic Pandora box. Not only you have 24/7 internet connection, but also many devices can connect up at once. Imagine all the money you can save.  Likewise, the portable router can be used in almost any place in the entire world.

You only need to change the SIM card or get one which can be used in several places. Remember, you can buy or rent the Pocket WiFi, the important thing is having a SIM card which works in the zone you are.

Furthermore, if you need internet access when you travel, having a Pocket WiFi (bought or rented) is better than the alternatives. One of them is using data roaming which is really expensive because your local phone company needs to contract with foreign companies for keeping you connected.

The other alternative is hunting free WiFi spots. You know that is annoying and unsafe. Who wants to spend precious minutes looking for free WiFi meanwhile the Sistine Chapel awaits you? We don’t, for sure!

To sum up, it is necessary you are aware of these important technological devices because they are made to simplify your complicated life. Moreover, because that abundance of tech novelties, you must be informed to make a successful decision and make your money worth.


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