Insane Data roaming bill of € 23,714 for this French Traveler during his trip to Europe

Insane Data roaming bill of € 23,714 for this French Traveler during his trip to Europe

French Citizen, racked up an insane data roaming bill  of € 23,714 while traveling across Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain after using his phone for GPS, uploading photos on Facebook and sending emails.

  • The roaming bill is higher than his annual salary
  • He insisted that he did not received any notifications when his data package ran out of data.
  • The network provider has reduced his bill but he still needs to pay around 1,232.


After traveling across Europe for more than 2 weeks, this man received a data roaming bill of exactly 23,714.6 Euros (approximately US$24,802) when he came back to France.

After subscribing to a data roaming package, he used his phone as GPS for his road trip across Europe, posts photos and videos on Facebook and occasional video calls on Skype, but his network provider apparently failed to notify him when the roaming package ran out of data which leaded to a massive amount of data roaming.

This is not the first time we hear this kind of horror stories, indeed it is believed according to a survey by uSwitch  4 in 10 people experience "bill shock" after holidays abroad and 85% going on a trip abroad are not sure of what they will being charged when using their phones.


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