Portable WIFI Germany : Find out the Best solution for travellers

Portable WIFI Germany : Find out the Best solution for travellers

A significant number of travelers who visit Germany throughout the year, still do not know how convenient it is to rent portable wifi connectivity devices or Pocket in the Teutona German city. However, for many of them, it remains a concern, the fact of how to stay connected with their mobile when they are visiting Germany. The portable or Pocket wifi is the option, as it gives the traveler a fluid and stable connection, avoiding high data consumption, and the risks caused by an outside call when we are exchanging data. To make your experience in Germany totally enjoyable and pleasant, you should consider the possibility of using the portable or pocket wifi.

In almost all nations of the world are available these 4 options presented below, to be connected when we travel, in Germany is also the same.


The most convenient and reliable option in Germany is the use of the mobile wifi pocket, because it is a very versatile technology and easy to use as the device is quite light and thin, small dimensions, allowing you the ease of carrying even in one of the pockets of your clothes or in one of those handbags traveler. This instrument of the pocket wifi guarantees the connection in a perimeter of up to 15 meters around the user, also making possible the connectivity of a maximum of 10 of any of these devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and Laptops; at a speed in the data flow of permanent 4G LTE with unlimited data consumption, which gives a great utility to this portable or pocket wifi device when you are visiting other latitudes. With these advantages we can compare the effectiveness of mobile wifi rental devices among the most functional and available in the market and also give us the opportunity to establish the differences with other wifi options for mobile pocket. In Germany there are good 4G LTE providers, with excellent 4G LTE data packages.

Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Lipsia, Cologne, Dresden and Lubeck are among the most important cities in the country that offer you good 4G coverage. The advantage of wifi pocket mobile devices is that you can stay connected with optimal coverage with Germany's leading local mobile network providers such as Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefonica O2, to ensure the highest network coverage and quality. The Pocket Wifi My Webspot offers the possibility to provide you with an unlimited Internet connection throughout Germany. Providers are almost always not the cheapest. On the contrary, they have to negotiate from abroad limiting access to better prices. MY WEBSPOT offers you the same 4G LTE coverage, with unlimited access to the Internet and a wide variety of wifi rental pocket for your stay, is the cheapest and best used in Germany.


In all European countries and Germany as well, the free wifi is an alternative to connect to the Internet in a more economical way, because of its condition of being free and obviously free. In Germany the public wifi is of free access only in the cities of greater population. To be able to surf the Internet it is necessary that you obtain the password to access the network, which is why the commercial establishments that provide this service, will require a minimum consumption so that you can use the network, leading us to the conclusion that really, it is not as free as many claim, in addition to the limitations that the case requires.

The other problem of free wifi for those who travel to Germany, is still the limitation of getting maps that indicate the access points when they move through different cities. When it comes to quality of service, it has to do with speed. For frequent travelers who travel in Germany for business purposes, access to the public network causes them many inconveniences due to the dynamic nature of their activities. The rise of computer crime is another problem a little more serious, which makes it unsafe to stay connected on this wifi public network especially in airports and major landing stages, for fear of being the victim of an attack by hackers or network pirates.


This is a resource that is also used by many travelers passing through Europe in any of the countries and Germany does not escape this situation and is that the network providers suggest you have an account with a local address in Germany, so you can provide the service of prepaid cards to access your data plan, even so and circumventing this limitation many travelers still use them to stay connected. The vast majority of these providers of this type of prepaid card, are very different from free wifi or portable wifi, also only allow you to make calls within the country and a poor mobile Internet service quite slow, 3G and not the current service offerings of 4G LTE (which exceed 10 times). That's why portable wifi routers for rent are the ones that currently capture the attention of travelers. You should also take into account, before starting your flight to Germany, to check the compatibility of your mobile with the bands available in that destination, which would add to another difficulty.


Probably this is the data service that more limitations, inconveniences and headaches gives us when we are in as a tourist to enjoy a healthy vacation or business diligences. In fact, we know of cases in which some providers have charged an average traveler an expensive data plan, even knowing that during your entire stay you will never use them. Many travelers have had the bad experience of getting the surprise of a lifetime, when on their return, they have received bills with very high figures, for a stay that does not justify those large amounts.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.