Visit Rome: Guide through the most poetic city of Europe

Visit Rome: Guide through the most poetic city of Europe

Rome is 4th most visited of Europe and one of the most appreciated in the world. You should definitely visit Rome and its Gothic architecture. From the Coliseum up to Michelangelo”s frescoes via the very famous Fountain of Trevi: the city of She-wolf soaks in an artistic mythology and a unique heritage. Visit Rome and let us guide you through city and around its inescapable addresses.

Visit Rome: address book of an artistically empirical city.

Cradle of the Renaissance’s Art and worship place of the artists of the whole world, Rome is the city to not miss for the amateurs of history, romanticism and architecture. Focus on 4 places to be in Rome to make a good trip.


 Born in the Renaissance, the Coliseum sheltered the famous gladiatorial fights within its amphitheatre which can welcome from 50 000 to 75 000 people. This incredible building allegorizes perfectly the size of a Roman Empire in its peak when this one was set up and inaugurated, in 80 ap. J-C. From now on damaged by the wear of the time and by the exploitation of its stones for the medieval building’s construction, such as the basilica Saint-Pierre, the Coliseum stays nevertheless one of the inescapable addresses of the Rome city. Once at night, the Coliseum is even more pleasant to admire thanks to its pleasant lighting effect.

Trevi fountain


Inevitable stopping-off place, the fountain of Trevi was built at the request of the Pape Benoît XIV, and made by Nicolas Salvi's hands, who inaugurates it in 1762. His name "Trevi" would arise from the history of a girl named Trevi who would have revealed the location of this fountain’s source to Roman soldiers to save her virginity. This fountain is surrounded of a statuary Ocean’s. In the center: Neptune, pulled by sea horses and proudly installed on his shell, separating the violent and the calm water. Venture yourself to the superstition of to throw coins in this fountain by not forgetting to throw 2 ones inside: 1 to make your wish comes true, the 2nd to be sure to return to Rome one day!



Besides the Roman heritage, the country abounds of a very-wished gastronomy in an all over the world: pasta, pizza, olive oil, mozzarella … which it would be pity to leave on the spot. If you are amateurs of good products and if there is still some place in your suitcase, Chez Castroni is the place to be for your purchases of local products. You can find numerous shops in the various districts of the capital to fill up your luggage with typically Italian products, teas, drinks, liqueurs or the famous Castroni’s coffee. This Roman type of gourmet will delight your papillae and those of your entourage.

Vatican City


Impossible to leave the mythical Italian capital without leaving the country for an afternoon to plunge into the religious and solemn universe of Vatican. This quasi-state, cradle of the Christian civilization of the world, drives you within an immensely rich and timeless heritage. The visit of Vatican implies necessarily a Chapel Sixtine visit and its typically romantic architecture, as well as a visit of the Basilica Saint-Peter, where from you can admire the magnificent Pietà de Michel-Ange but also the Saint-Pierre’s grave.

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