See in Barcelona: a living experience

See in Barcelona: a living experience

What we can see in Barcelona

Barcelona, the Catalan city that has been an immutable witness of one of the most famous seas in the world; the Mediterranean sea loaded with half of the lived histories of humanity, how many caravels, how many boats, how many battles. How many treasures in its depths; in contrast to the Barcelona of today, much more modern and mature; of the most developed cosmopolitan cities of Europe, for being the most genuine, authentic and autochthonous; for its inalienable, irreverent identity and its picturesque presence in Europe and the world;

So much so that UNESCO declared it a world heritage site for its great emblematic buildings that were the work of two of the most famous Catalan architects in the history of Barcelona: Antoni Gaudí and Luís Doménico Montaner.

Barcelona is one of the least racist cities and the most touristic par excellence. It is really the most visited destination for an important population of gender diversity, as well as working hard for a more ecological and less polluting tourism.

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Barcelona shows itself as it is

Barcelona is also expressed in the greenery of its parks with many trees, and very fresh and sunny environments. On the way you will find fountains, lagoons, ponds and much to see. The two most important lungs of the city constitute it. The famous Parc de Collserola and the Parc de Montjuïc are majestic green treasures. In addition to these parks is the Botanical Garden among the most important where travelers can spend a very fresh and welcoming stay, always with a breathtaking view of the sea.
There are other very attractive parks with exquisite Mediterranean vegetation, such as Ciutadella Park, Laberint Park, Cervantes Park and Oreneta Park, among the most important and those you should visit.

If you want to get closer to the cult, saint and ceremonial you must give yourself space for meditation and take with you that rich spiritual experience of giving you a very gratifying visit, so it is almost obligatory that you give yourself some time to visit the Basilica of the Holy Family. It is an infrastructure that is a praise to the religious Divinity that without a doubt you should not miss, nor lose sight of during your overnight stay in Barcelona.

This Most Beautiful Work is a structure that inexplicably keeps a great secret, that surely has to do with the divine and is still under construction, because although it has been built for many years without stopping and is not yet finished as such, but is continued to date. Relax and let yourself be enchanted by its design and by its interiors that invite you to live the spirituals from very close. Let yourself be carried away by observing the precious decorations made by Antoni Gaudí, one of the most famous artists in the world. Although the construction of the basilica has not stopped since 1882, millions of parishioners and tourists come from all over the world every year.

However, if you want to be close to the sea and perceive the soft and fresh onslaught of its waters without distancing ourselves from the shores of the friendly and cheerful City of Barcelona. Its beaches are the perfect place since they allow us to enjoy to the maximum the impressive blue waters of the Mediterranean, labeling the coasts of Barcelona as one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the world who seek rest, relaxation and recreation on the shores of the most famous and interesting sea in the world. Many travelers, who come to this city looking for that Peace and that space of relaxation regardless of the excuse that they themselves propose either for business or simply pleasure trips will always be in front of whether these beautiful beaches in contact with the city, places for water sports and beach, many golf courses overlooking the sea and many recreational sites and outdoor food services, so that your stay and experience of being in Barcelona is simply unforgettable.

See in Barcelona : the magical nights of Camp Nou

Visiting Barcelona and not thinking about the Futbol Club Barcelona and visiting its stadium, the Eternal and magical Camp Nou, will give you a taste of not having been in Barcelona. When you plan your trip to visit Barcelona put in your Itinerary a mandatory visit to Camp Nou.
The Camp Nou is the football stadium with the largest capacity in Europe and has served as the headquarters of FC Barcelona since 1957. Its facilities are a five-star stadium for UEFA, which is the highest possible rating for these sports infrastructures, with a capacity of approximately 99,000 seats.

Get ready to be surprised with the museum of FC Barcelona, both fans and not so fans, will travel and know all the history and trajectory of the azulgranas since it was created in 1899 to date. During your visit to Camp Nou you will be able to take photos, buy souvenirs, see the trophies and have a good time in these modern facilities full of many magical nights and others not so glorious, but many stars of world football. A passionate tour through one of the most important stadiums in the world, when you return to your country of origin and watch it again on television from the comfort of your home you will be impressed to know that you were there.

In Barcelona, a little leisure is good.

Barcelona Bosc Urbà, an attractive adventure park within the city. It has more than fifty attractions to enjoy activities without leaving the city. Poble Espanyol is one of the best leisure areas due to the variety of attractions it offers, such as crafts, gastronomy, contemporary art and shops. It is a village of 117 buildings representing various regions and communities of Spain.

By nightfall you can have the luxury of visiting one of Barcelona's most popular attractions, the Font Màgica de Montjuïc which the Catalans call the ballet of water and light.

Other attractions on your itinerary should be G Experiència, a unique exhibition space in the world in 4D format. The Aquarium of Barcelona, at the Port Vell, one of the most important aquariums in Europe, unique in terms of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mirador de la Torre de Collserola, and closer to the sea the Mirador de Colom, the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the Barcelona Zoo, by the time your leisure time is over you will have already enjoyed these attractions that will be very much remembered. Now if you know why visiting Barcelona is a Living experience.

We hope that we have given you ideas about what to see in Barcelona. And we wish you a good trip.


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