Best places to travel : analysis of the most and the least expensive destinations in the world.

Best places to travel : analysis of the most and the least expensive destinations in the world.

Where to travel? When? For what cost? Finding the best places to travel can be a pain for travelers. The world abounds in destinations as varied as multiple, and we know that you will be dying, you Globe Trotters, to discover them around every corners. But: Which destination? However, we don't have all the same resources, and sometimes the most expensive destinations must be shelved. And nevertheless: the "cheapest" ones can be astonishing to discover as well.

Best places to travel : find out the cheapest and the most expensive destinations in the world


European cities are among the most expensive in the world: the cost of living is there very high and housing is expensive. But they are also amont the best places to travel around the world. The most expensive European countries are:


Its cost is 40x higher than the cost of holidays in New York, as an example. This Scandinavian country with multiple charms, is worth to be seen and opens you to a breath-taking landscape, which only Scandinavia possesses the secret. One day-type costs you 65€.



This small paradise cut from the world is the second most expensive destination in the world. Totally independent, Switzerland inhales the well-being and the prosperity. In the hollow of its mountains, as warm in winter as in summer, here is one of the best destinations to get fresh ideas.


The smallest of the Scandinavian countries impose you to max out the credit card to take advantage of holidays on its territory. Cradled by waters of the Baltic Sea, this country is of a restful peace and its places are as varied as unusual.



Besides the European continent, which appear at the TOP 10 of the most expensive tourist destinations, Australia is also an expensive destination. This immense island, in the center of the Pacific, is more and more fashionable for the contractors and the travelers of the whole world. At the same time paradisiac and in prosperous economy, Australia represents a novel El Dorado through an important financial implication: its cost is almost 8x upper than holidays in New York.

THE CHEAPEST CITIES (but still best places to travel)

The Indian pond welcomes the cheapest destinations in the world. The cost of living is clearly lower than in Europe, and a holiday departure in such countries offers you the possibility of having access to a low-priced luxury.



It is officially the cheapest worldwide destination: its cost is 70x lower than a journey in New York and offers you one of the vastest and the most varied territory the world. Its 3 287 000km2 of surface coincide between Indian culture, Buddhist cult, imperial palaces and rice fields as far as the eye can see.



Globe-trotters of the whole world: Pakistan is made for you. Its immense mountain massifs offer you some impregnable panoramas on the Asian continent. Bordering country of India and China, low-cost passage by Pakistan will delight the walkers of 4 corners of the world.



This small Africa is a real nest of cultural wealth within an atypical and bucolic decoration. From the immensity of waterfalls until the areas of dry fields via the paradisiac beaches, Madagascar offers you an access to landscapes as diverse as varied, for a journey 65x less expensive than aimed at New York.



THE good plan of the travelers who have less financial resources and who wish to take advantage of a heaven on Earth for a vacationer break: Thailand. Real heat bath, fullness source and place of unique landscapes; turquoise blue waters and the Thai islands will delight families, groups of friends, bachelors or newlyweds for an average of 20€ budget a day (with regard to the living cost in Thailand).

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