Things to do in Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires to learn about the History and Culture

Sometimes, when you arrive in a new city, you don't know exactly what to do. My Webspot helps you to find things to do in Buenos Aires. We'll give you some advices so that you’ll enjoy your stay.

The Hispano-American Art Museum, a neocolonial house built buy Martin Noel, shelters Isaac Fernandez Blano collection 's. You can discover the colonial art and the life in Argentina during the colonial period (1857-1940). If you are interested in the Argentine history, go to the Plaza San Martin. This is the place to be to discover the history of the city.
The Museum of Modern Art on 350 avenue San Juan shelters geometric paintings from Pettoruti, sculptures from Curatella Manes, and some pieces of art from Picasso and Dali.

Discover the architecture of Buenos Aires

Near Plaza San Martin, you have the Kavanagh building. When it was built in 1936, it was the highest building in reinforced concrete in the world. Take Florida street in order to soak up the atmosphere of Buenos Aires. It's a pedestrian street and there are many shops and some shows to entertain you. In plaza San Pellegrini, we recommend you to observe the French and the Brazilian embassies. You can also go to Boca, a beautiful and typical district of Buenos Aires.

Discover the Argentine Tango

If you go in Argentina, you must see demonstrations of tango. Born in Argentina, this dance is famous in the whole world. At coffee Toritoni, in Myo avenue there are shows about the history of tango. If you want to see good performances, go to the Ideal coffee at Suipacha 384. There, you can look at couples dancing, or take courses for 66€ and learn some basic dance steps.

Buenos Aires: a city fond of soccer

In Buenos Aires there are many soccer clubs, Boca Junior and River Plate being the most popular ones. If you are a soccer fan, go to the Bonbonera stadium (Boca Junior) or to the Monumental stadium (River Plate). Near this two stadiums, you’ll find the museums of these two clubs. Attend to a soccer match between the two clubs can be a nice discovery for for soccer lovers but also for non-specialists.

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