Explore Cancun during your next trip to Mexico

Explore Cancun during your next trip to Mexico

Legend has it that once upon a time, the Zanate (Mexican crow) stole 7 songs from a sea turtle. Those songs represented 7 feelings: love, hate, joy, sadness, fear, courage and anger. That is why the singular scream of the Zanate can awaken any of these feelings. But the truth is that you will see this bird all over Cancun watering its passions.

This snake nest (do not be scared! It is what the word Cancun means) has a lot to offer. Not only paradisiacal beaches. It is ideal for a honeymoon, a group trip or simply to oxygenate your days. For that and much more we have prepared a list of things that you will surely want to do in Cancun. 

Find out the best place to explore in CanCun

First things first: get wet!

Sea water has that magical property of washing all the negative energies and really leaves you refreshed. For this you must visit the Dolphins Beach. Several miles of white, blue waters and a little wild swell will receive you as a hug of peace. There are trained lifeguards, so it's safe to go even if you don’t know how to swim. It is also ideal for surfing if that's your thing. 

If you love tranquility, visit Langosta Beach. Its waters are calm and warm. There are also many street sellers offering delicious dishes and basic services. The Chac Mool Beach has a good sport area; you can do sailing, skiing and parasailing. Marlin Beach is ideal to enjoy long walks, sunsets and sunbathing because it’s quite, although the waves are dangerous. You see? For each style there is a beach that suits you.


Take a look of the history and give a sigh under the stars

One of the many beauties of all Mexico is its Mayan archaeological sites and Cancun has them. The Rey is in the middle of the hotel zone of the Cancun Island. Here there are 47 archaeological structures that had various functions, both religious and profane. It was baptized that way because there was found a sculpture. It looked like a monarch and whose head is in the Mayan Museum of Cancun

With an avant-garde design made to withstand the onslaught of hurricanes, this Mayan Museum is an archaeological delight. Here you will find archaeological pieces from the state of Quintana Roo and also from Palenque, Chichén Itzá and Comalcalco. You can also visit the archaeological zone of San Miguelito. There you will find the beautiful Chaak Palace. It had a governmental function and as a novelty presents a lobby with columns holding a flat roof. It is simply majestic. Enjoy the iguanas that swarm here and treat them well.

If you like astronomy or are in a romantic plan, visit the Ka Yok Planetarium. You will observe planets and stars. There also are several interesting documentaries and you can visit Mars in virtual reality. You can also understand the Mayan multiplication, solve challenges, discover the organs of your body and see the stars at 10 p.m. Actually this planetarium is an extremely interesting, fun place, regardless of your tastes and age.

Sport junkie?

It does not matter where you are and if you are on vacation or working. You always like to exercise and when you're in Cancun you have to make sure you can do it. Do not worry because you can. There are places to tone your body at sea and on land.

You can visit the cycle trail and then jog and cool off at Las Perlas Beach. If you know how to dive, Cancun offers the best beaches for it. No matter if you do not know, go ahead and take your first class. Snorkeling is also wonderful; the clarity of the waters of Cancun is fascinating. Sailing and surfing are also quite practiced activities. But if you like something quieter, you can always do some yoga asanas in any beautiful beaches of Cancun.

Let’s take a walk, shopping, eating and drinking!

The best thing to do on a trip is to lose yourself walking. Ramble on your legs, observe the locals, sit in a square and taste their street food. All this will create the best memories of a trip. You can start your walk in an emblematic point of Cancun: El Ceviche. It is not a tribute to Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, it’s a gazebo located between Tullum Avenue and Cobá. Its real name is Caribbean Fantasy and was made by the New Yorker sculptor Lorraine Pinto. 

Then you can go to the Palapas Park. This place is full of energy and joy. Here you can buy crafts, eat a snack, refresh yourself with an ice cream and enjoy varied shows of mimes, musicians, dancers. You can also buy second-hand items and in its periphery there is a wide variety of commercial locals. This is the best way to meet the people of Cancun. Visit the Scenic Tower to get the best view of the city and do it both day and night to take spectacular photos. The tower rotates so be prepared for the experience.

Go visit Mercado 28 to buy your souvenirs and taste the best of Yucatecan and Mayan food. Taste papadzules and panuchos as main courses. As dessert, try the papaya candy and the chocolate with chili. For the happy hour, drink Xtabentún which is a liqueur that you can drink with honey or coffee. It is simply delicious.

To party, you must start by visiting the famous Coco Bongo. It has a nightclub and bar, and they offer great shows and even celebrate bachelor parties. La Vaquita has a crazy decoration, varied shows ranging from a fire robot to dancers in hoops. You will surely have a great time. Its free bar is quite convenient.

Let’s get some gadgets!

Now you know how to explore Cancun, you still have to acquire the best technology. My Webspot Mexico offers portable WiFi. It is a small wireless network router that connects to the internet through the 4G mobile network. You can link six devices at once and serves to receive and send emails. Use applications to find all the places in this list, post a selfie with the Ceviche star. Everything you need from the internet. This is a tool that will help you relax. The pocket WiFi is prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it any place you want.

Then enjoy Cancun, its beaches, its cuisine and its people. Maybe you love it so much that you end up celebrating your wedding here. In Cancun, love is always in the air.







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