Travel Tips - 6 Ways to use less Data abroad

Travel Tips - 6 Ways to use less Data abroad

Travel Tip to use less data when traveling abroad

Using your phone abroad can be very expensive because of data roaming fees

MY WEBSPOT is the perfect alternative between spending a lot of money and only seeking for a sparce number of free wifi hotspots. But we also provide you with a few number of tips to consume less data when using your phone. Enjoy!

Consume less data: Find below the best tips

1- Check your data usage

  • On iPhone and Android you can find apps to monitor your exact consumption of data.

My Data Manager is our free favorite popular app that will help you control your use of mobile data services and consume less data to save on your monthly phone bill. Use My Data Manager daily to track your usage of mobile data services.

  • You can also go to your settings and see the amount of cellular data you have used by app for the last period. It will tell you exactly which app consumes the most.


2s-  Restrict Apps from using Cellular data

You can choose to restrict some individual apps, meaning that some apps will only work while using wifi networks and will not be allowed to use cellular data.


3- Do not allow mail, contacts, calendar, cloud automatic sync

When using an iPhone or a google account, it will regularly seek new updates for your phone. It will download your emails as soon as they are available. If you want to consume less data you should disable these option, and download once a day your email only when you open your mail app and save data!


4- Use reduce web browser data usage

When web browsing use browser such as Google Chrome or Opera, they have a built-in data compression proxy. These browsers will compress downloads sent to your phone.

You can also use a VPN solution specialized in data compression, but you won’t get all the benefit of any browser app. It’s a more extreme option.


5- Disable geolocation from app

Some apps will automatically geotag you, it will use a lot of continuous data. For some apps there is no need to be geotagged and it will save you a great deal of cellular data.


6- Disable Background app refresh

Apps automatically update, download and refresh in your background. Close them to save a lot of data consumption. You apps will only refresh when you open them.

You can also disable push notifications to save a tiny bit of data.


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