How to choose a Hotel in Europe - 5 Best Tips

How to choose a Hotel in Europe - 5 Best Tips

 Hotel in Europe, 5 Best tips and criteria when it comes to choosing it.

Hotel Europe: Find out the most important criteria

How European people choose hotel in Europe, it can be pretty difficult to find the good hotel in Europe with all the different hotel booking websites with fake reviews or photos and we will details all the criteria that people don't think about such as hotel WIFI quality or location.

How to choose a Hotel in Europe

Price and hotel rating

The main criteria remain the price of the room, and the number of stars. The interesting part of that study is that: for Germans and English people, the number of stars is more important than the price. However, for Spanish, Italian and French people, the price of the hotel room is still the most important criteria.

Location and reviews

Then, the others criteria are the same for all European people. Third criteria is about the distance of the hotel from the center of the city. As a great part of the tourists visiting a city come for the first time, most of them feel more comfortable being close to the points of interest.

In fourth place comes the reviews given by previous customers. This is consistent with minds changing in tourism. People can compare more and more offers and gives lot of credit to opinion of people who did the same.

The Hotel WiFi quality

Finally, the last criteria is about WiFi access within the hotel. This criteria is also the first when it comes to services offered by the hotel. Conciergerie, swimming pool or spa also are considered. The importance of  is related to the increasing demand of connectivity. Travelers who need to stay in touch with their family and friends or for business purpose request more and more connectivity. As already mentioned in a previous article, the use of smartphone when traveling is constantly increasing. Due to several needs such as GPS, finding restaurants or good places to go… The general lack of connectivity outside the hotel makes them look for a reliable WiFi in europe connection inside.

Another study also show that people compare the efficiency of WiFi connection between hotels. Free WiFi is now an obvious service requested from an hotel. They are now looking for a fast and reliable connection! The raise of social media, mail and video streaming apps increase everyday the volume of data exchanged. As travelers may need to upload or download an huge volume of data the hotel WiFi need to be fast.

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