Mexico City for the bohemians find the way of life that you like

Mexico City for the bohemians find the way of life that you like

Sing and do not cry, because by singing, my sweetheart, is how the hearts get happy.

That is part of the translation of the Cielito Lindo song. Many voices sang it, when the first person was rescued from the tragic earthquake of September 2017. Just thinking about it shakes the soul, but the greatness of the Mexicans surpasses the enormous size of this country. There is no adversity the Aztec cannot overcome. Genocide, earthquakes, walls, guerrillas and any sinister situation is defeated for these brave people. The beautiful Mexico City is proof of that. It is cosmopolitan, eclectic, happy, dynamic, calm, harmonious, noisy, multicultural, typical, sinuous, bright and dark, anything but boring.

What once was the magical and golden Tenochtitlán, today is a majestic conglomeration between Aztec, Hispanic and contemporary culture. In D.F you can find a solemn and green forest, enter a cheerful and modern taquería (taco restaurant). You can admire the beauty of a Mexican pyramid and enjoy an opera in a Renaissance theater. All these activities in a matter of hours. There are too many beauties to visit.

Traveling makes you happy because you will know another culture, you will explore museums, you will hear about history. This is for you. Discover some of the sites that you must add in your treasure hunter log.

The mirrors are used to see the face, the art to see the soul

Mexico City has many wonderful, crazy, magical, sober and beautiful mirrors. It has specifically 170, only in museums. Without counting of all those galleries and corners of D.F that exude art. Even in the smallest of its squares you can find various manifestations of it.

You must know the National Museum of Anthropology, if you want to understand something of Moctezuma and the Aztecs. You will find pieces of the Toltecs, Mexicas, Mayas and millions of representative pieces. It is perfectfor learning a lot from their ways. On the other hand, Bellas Artes Museum is an exquisite example of the deco style. Its beauty and details will take your breath away. Here you can enjoy the infamous mural that Diego Rivera started in New York, at the Rockefeller Center. It was interrupted for its political content. The Man Controller of the Universe, is called. There is also the New Democracy by David Siqueiros and Mexico de Hoy, by Rufino Tamayo.

About Rivera, you must visit the Anahuacalli Museum, which was designed by Diego to storages his collection of pre-Columbian objects. The special thing about this temple, it was built in a Mexica and Teotihuacan style. It emulates a teōcalli that is an aboriginal pyramid. For picturing how the Aztecs would have lived in the splendid Tenochtitlán, before the ill-fated conquest, you have to go to the pyramids of Teotihuacán.

Even if you tear off the petals, you will not remove their beauty to the flower 

You will admire the art in the Postal Palace, built with an Elizabethan and Venetian Gothic style. It is simply spectacular. If you want to delight your eyes and ears, you should visit the Nezahualcóyotl Room. It is the headquarters of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Autonomous University of Mexico. It is majestic. Another must for your eyes is the Tiffany stained glass of the Gran Hotel Mexico. It was made with thousands of pieces of glass of colors brought from France; you must admire it by day. 

If you are a lover of architecture and cinema, go through the National Cineteca. Its design is avant-garde and its billboard extensive and diverse. The House of Cinema is another place, more sober and small, but just as curious and attractive. It has a nice coffee shop and a library. If it's a theater you want, you should check out Los Insurgentes. Enjoy its immense Rivera mural.

To continue loving art, try to visit the Siqueiros Polyforum. It is a magnificent and outlandish multicultural complex whose external and internal design will make you hallucinate. If you want something really unique, go to Casa Luis Barragán which is one of the most representative works of contemporary architecture. You will want to move there. Do you like galleries? Don’t miss visiting the CC186. Do you want to see the Cheshire cat? The Multiforo Cultural Alicia is a place where you will find the best musicians and maybe a cat.

There is not Frigate like a book to take us lands away

Surely you are already thinking what books you will pack for your trip to Mexico. And how many extra bags you will buy to fill it with new books. Books are your Achilles heel and your purpose is to find the perfect books to take them as souvenirs. There are some sites made for you.

You can start at the Central Library of the Autonomous University of Mexico. It storages one of the largest bibliographic collections in all Mexico. The building is a sight to behold. It has a functional style, its exterior made of carved stone, represents in all its magnificent extension to Tláloc. You can spend hours, just contemplating the structure and its elaborate engravings. Here you can have material and digital access to a large number of works of great historical value.

Then you can go through the Jose Vasconcelos Library in Mexico whose building is overwhelming. Of neoclassic style and sober decoration, it presents strength in its structure that denotes the military use that was once given. It is an art work that houses millions of works. It has children’s room and one for people with visual disabilities. In addition to numerous personal collections of various Mexican figures. You will surely spend several days in its Scent Garden, between rosemary and lavender.

Books, travelling and time give wisdom to men

For the purchase of books, you must visit El Conejo Blanco Bookstore. Here you will find this beautiful gallery of books, from recognized and independent publishers on hundreds of topics. With an environment that invites tranquility and sobriety, you can acquire valuable books and also eating something delicious. It also has a restaurant with excellent Japanese cuisine. Imagine reading The Death of Artemio Cruz, drinking a delicious glass of white wine accompanied by a Japanese tortilla. It is a sybarite dream! 

For a heavenly experience, you must visit the El Pendulo Bookstore /Coffee Shop. It has been considered one of the best bookstores in the world. It merges gastronomy with literature in a unique way. The vibration that emanates is totally exciting. It also has a section called the Forum of the Tejedor. It is an open space for all artistic manifestations, music, performances and stand-up. Eat its original evening breakfasts, the Juliette omelette. Cool!

If you are a real book lover, you like both new and used. Hunting the perfect used books, it’s an art in itself. In the Callejón Condesa between avenues 5 de mayo and Tacuba, there is the famous street of the Rolling Books. Here you will find real jewels of books, both new and used and at super accessible prices. From eighteenth-century editions of Don Quixote, to sculptures, paintings and art objects are offered in this magical corner.

The achievements of a man rest on the use of his symbols

Certainly the symbols of each country represent something of great interest to its inhabitants. Therefore it is necessary to explore them in order to get to know their people better. In Mexico City there are many emblematic sites that you will love to know.

The Villa, which holds the Basilica of Guadalupe is an undeniable Mexican symbol.  Here is the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and every December 12th millions of people come to venerate her. The old neoclassical basilica is under restoration because the large number of parishioners exceeded its capacity. The new basilica has a modern style and design that allows the shelter of many people.

Then go visit the Three Cultures Square. It represents the ancient culture of Tenochtitlán, the Spanish culture and the renewed and modern Mexican culture. In order to do this, you should locate yourself right at the corner of Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, with Flores Magón Avenue and Nonoalco Tlatelolco. There you will be right between the pyramids of Tenochtitlán built by the Mexicas. The Temple of Santiago, made by the Spanish and the modern Tower of Tlatelolco built in 2005. The feeling that overwhelms you when you think of the three cultures is powerful. 

The Zócalo or Constitution Square is another of the emblematic places of the D.F. It’s the main square, one of the largest in the world and here the independence of Mexico is celebrated. It’s also the annual congregation point to commemorate the Scream of Dolores and any important citizen demonstration. Its name comes from the construction of a column that was entrusted to the Spanish architect Lorenzo de la Hidalga. He only built its base or zocalo and remained so.

The Paseo de la Reforma is definitely a reference of this beautiful city. It was conceived by the Emperor of Mexico Maximiliano I. In this way Maximiliano could easily come and go to his residence, the Palace of Chapultepec and to National Palace. It is a sort of Mexican Champs-Elysées. Here is the known Independence Angel.

Travel to Mexico City with technology

Now that you have your luggage ready to immerse yourself in the Aztec culture, you only have to acquire the best possible technology. My Webspot offers portable WiFi for Mexico. It is a small wireless network router that connects to the internet through the 4G mobile network. You can link six devices at once and it serves to receive and send emails. Use applications to find all the places we have mentioned, post a photo of yourself meditating in the Moorish kiosko. Everything you need from the internet. This is a tool that will undoubtedly help you to enjoy the imposing structure of the Revolution Monument. In addition, it is prepaid so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want. 

So when you are walking on the Paseo de la Reforma, face the Independence Angel. Think about the law, justice, war and peace, and decide something. How much war is necessary to obtain peace? How much do we need the law to obtain justice? And how do you do to climb to the top of that Angel? The CDMX Government Culture Secretariat can answer one of these questions.



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