Ils partagent leur expérience!

by Gabriel on MY WEBSPOT

Excelente servicio, se cumple todo lo que se ofrece en la página, nos lo entregaron en Hotel a nuestra llegada, nos conectamos 4 aparatos sin problema, hay que aprender a conectar los aparatos pero no es tan difícil. No hubo problemas de conexión en los 4 países que visitamos. Buen tamaño para llevarlo a todas partes. Lo entregamos en buzón de correo a un lado de la entrada a revisión para salas de abordar en aeropuerto de Paris.

by Karrel on MY WEBSPOT

I am using this while in Germany, when it works it works well. takes several hours in the morning before I can connect. It is very frustrating. It is noon and I was just able to make the new connection. It has been that way every day. I had to call yesterday to find out that you have to make a new connection to their server every day. The instructions that come with it do not tell you that. Later today it will lose the connection. All in all, it is better here with it than without it as there are little or no hot spots where I am at. #MyWebSpot

by Junior on MY WEBSPOT

I used Mywebspot for my holiday in Germany. The device worked perfectly and we received it one day before the start date. we were able to access internet everywhere throughout our stay. It was wonderfull 😉

by Josemaria on MY WEBSPOT

Using mywebspot while i was in europe was the best. 100% recomended.

by Enzo on MY WEBSPOT

I had two great experiences with My Webspot.
My wife and I, were travelling all around Europe. To facilitate our trip, we decided to rent a pocketwifi. This device helped us to find places that we wanted to see. We were also able to communicated with our family and to sent sem pictures! We highly recommand the service that My Webspot give.
We traveled in America Latina and it was also a pleasure to have a device which works pretty well everywhere we've been.
Thank you

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