Nadine M

I am very satisfied with mywebpost and have used it in the USA in several cities. I already recommended it to my friends. Several possible connections and ease of use. And am ready to rent it on my next trip. Thank you to the team.

Elizabeth CHAR

I got the Wifi Pocket 5 days from Paris, no problem. 10 days in the USA, connected all day, no problem. unlimited is really unlimited. I will not hesitate to call My Webspot again.


Pocket wifi for Spain is just Great! I rent wifi in spain with MY WEBSPOT for my last trip in Europe. I use the wifi egg during a 10 days trip in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Malaga and It worked perfectly in 4G LTE. The process was very easy, the pocket wifi was delivered to my Hotel in Barcelona before my arrival. I retrieved it when checking in. Just turned it on enter the wifi password and that’s it. I was able to connect my computer, phone and tablet at the same time and the speed was flawless. The battery life was fine (about 7 hours). It was my first time using Mifi in Spain and I was very please with my webspot. Very convenient, reliable an affordable ! I recommend My Webspot pocket wifi rental service for spain to every travelers.


Attila Dobak-Brockman

Hi -I used this service for my WiFi needs in Europe and it performed really well during my month long trip and saved m e from having to log into different free WiFi which always need registration of some kind. I would recommend this to anyone who needs WiFi that works seamlessly every time in Europe. I wish they had this service that covers the USA as wel.l


Floyd Russak

Good customer service: someone always responds within a few hours 24 hours a day. The first device did not arrive on time at my home in Colorado, USA, but that was probably the fault of the delivery service, not MyWebSpot. They quickly arranged to have another device delivered to our first hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia and it was waiting for us at the front desk when we arrived. Nice job! I rent these devices 3-4 times a year. I chose MyWebSpot because they had better coverage in the Balkans (former Yugoslav Countries plus Bulgaria/Romania/Albania/Greece), though their price was a little higher than some competitors. Their device was sometimes very good, but occasionally useless in cities that were supposed to have coverage. However, as a bonus, it sometimes worked even in one country where it was not supposed to. Hard to tell when the device is really working because their device has no screen, unlike some others. But their device had very good battery life, the best of any of 5 companies I have used.



I had the chance to discover My Webspot just before my trip to Mexico, the USA and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Chile). I recieved my webspot a few days before my trip and it has been the perfect companion. Not only did the device connect in all the countries I visited but it gave me a strong and reliable connection throughout the trip. Customer support is unbelievably kind and thorough. I highly recommend this product and company.


Caroline REDON

Excellent product! Simple to use, at the top during a stay in the United States. Several connections possible. Perfect ! I recommend


Marc Joseph-lokel

I used MY WEBSPOT on a recent trip with to Barcelona. I am very happy with their MIFI rental service for Spain. I was delivered to my place before I leaved for Spain. It was the pocket wifi in Barcelona worked perfectly, the speed was flawless. I was able to check maps, attraction times, etc. The portable wifi in Spain made our trip much easier ! We took a prepaid envelope for spain and received it enclosed with the wifi dongle. At the end of the rental I just dropped the pocket wifi in a mailbox at Barcelone-El Prat airport.



I ordered a wireless pocket for a trip to Spain. I could get a 4G connection during my stay. Its use is childish, it's really very convenient.