Visiting New York, the city that never sleeps

Visiting New York, the city that never sleeps

New York, the city that Never Sleeps, The Big Apple or The Capital of the World; it offers to the whole world a great range of leisure, recreation, beauty and History in spite of being one of the most modern, Cosmopolitan and very big Cities; there are places that you should not miss. In order to get to know New York widely, you will have to travel many times; even then you will not get to know it fully, because life in this city is very dynamic and constantly changing; so it will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life; Visit New York.

When you go for the first time we recommend you to start your stay visiting the Statue of Liberty, it is something you have to do at least once in your life. Considered the symbol of New York and also of the United States, since for centuries it has been that emblematic image of much value of identity for the North Americans; that more remembered the immigrants that arrived to America from all parts of the world. To the Island of the Freedom you will arrive in the ferry from Battery Park, you will know the museum (pedestal), you will ascend to the viewpoint of the crown, but you will have to reserve with much advance, by the great amount of tourists and visitors that daily arrive to observe some of the most known and important symbols of the Planet; an excellent reason to return to Visit New York.

Visiting New York, a monumental city

Watching and being able to climb the Empire State is another marked experience to live in New York, it is really wonderful to visit this peculiar skyscraper, the most filmed in the world with more than 250 films (according to official records).

The Empire State Building offers its 2 (two) viewpoints on both the 86th and 102nd floors all year round, so you'll enjoy the best views of New York; be prepared to make your own tail, because it will be worth touching the sky from this steel mountain.

Enjoying a walk through the enormous Central Park will be one of the best visits in your stay; fountains, bridges, statues, arches, green meadows, crystal clear lagoons and being able to admire the penguins that inspired the film Madagascar in its great Zoo. One of the attractions of this large plant lung located in the heart of the Big Apple and that runs from 59th Street to 110th Street, is its changing and contrasting appearance throughout the year, being able to differentiate between the colors of autumn, spring and winter white. Whenever you go to Visit New York, you should take a stroll through the most beautiful Central Park.

Another park you can't miss is High Line Park. Although it's not the same size as Central Park, it stands out as a modern icon of today's New York. Its appearance allows us to appreciate a landscaping typical of a very particular avant-garde city, since it is framed in an abandoned railway track; buildings, windows, hotels can be observed, while you enjoy this pleasant visit, which will make you feel like one of the many New York cools that pass through this park every day.

Some legendary buildings

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, considered the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first suspended by steel guayas, the same steel that made it possible to raise all the skyscrapers of Manhattan, of New York's neo-gothic architecture of 1883. As you cross it you leave Manhattan's Skyline behind to meet Brooklyn, the most incredible area of leisure and fun in the world, which not to recommend it would be a Sin.

The East River Ferry ride is one of the best you'll enjoy when you travel to America, its function is to transport New Yorkers between Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Travelling on the Ferry will show you a totally romantic perspective and a broader way to appreciate the beauty of New York City with unique views from the shore than circumcised, as well as a very fun and relaxing experience of passing under the historic Brooklyn Bridge.

The Rockefeller Center offers you the possibility to climb to its observatory the Top of the Rock, although not something of the other world, is an excellent choice, to see very comfortably the city of New York from its wide terraces, from where you can also see the Central Park and the Empire State Building from above. The best photos, images and videos you can get from here will be unforgettable testimonies of Visiting New York.

From the visit to Radio City Music Hall will take you to New York Art Deco taking your imagination to the twenties. Its decoration remains excellently preserved. It's like feeling moved to the New York of Frank Sinatra's time.

New York like in the movies.

Another relaxing journey in time is Coney Island, one of Brooklyn's oldest neighborhoods, where time literally stopped. It's another New York, without cement and steel, where you can take a stroll along the beach where you'll see cotton candy sales, delicious hotdogs, fairs with the oldest spectacular Russian mountain in North America.

The famous Headless Rider village, the Sleepy Hollow, takes only about 50 minutes to reach the famous Washington Irving story town from Grand Central Terminal. You'll appreciate many historic homes, large mills, as well as the oldest coastal church in the eastern United States. On the banks of the Hudson River, where Rockefeller of Dutch roots, built its Villa Campestre. You can visit this mansion to discover one of the families who founded and built the city of New York that so pleases and pleases the rest of the planet; there is not a being in the world that has not been tempted to visit New York.

Two of the museums that you could visit while visiting New York are: The American Museum of Natural History and the MET, they are really economic and have a lot to enjoy.

Riding the Ferry as New York night falls, enlivened by the multicolored spectrum of skyscraper lights of glamorous Manhattan, as a Staten Island Ferry passenger, also contemplating the views of the Statue of Liberty; it is a romantic voyage that will always be in fashion, which you will find very difficult to forget as a reward for your decision to visit New York.

Life in New York

For those looking for other types of activities the city offers courses and workshops promoted by many websites, craft surely was invented by Etsy a well-known website, which promotes unique pieces. Their offices are in Brooklyn offering free workshops on a monthly basis. For other hobbies, do not miss the Meetup web meetings, this network has varied activities and events in New York City and for all tastes.

From June to August, we enter the summer with the highest temperatures and may not be the best option to visit New York, but the attraction of this dry season is that many free activities are developed. Central Park presents its outdoor theater season, cinema in Bryant Park, yoga activities in Times Square, concerts in the MOMA, with free admission every Friday not a single minute you will be bored.

If we can plan our trip to New York in low seasons, it will help us a lot with our expenses. In the winter months Manhattan becomes cooler due to the strong winds as it is an island surrounded by the Hudson Rivers and the East River.

A visit to New York in the middle of the baseball season will allow you to appreciate how fascinating and exciting it is to be able to appreciate a match with the New York Yankees in the same and legendary Yankee Stadium, it is the maximum.

There are so many charms that New York has, that visiting and walking around it will never tire us, so schedule the time and places to visit well so that you have the satisfaction of a pleasant stay without spending more than necessary, each time you decide to visit New York. Enjoy your stay with My Webspot's pocket WiFi.

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