Hotspot wifi Germany : What is your best travel internet solution?

Hotspot wifi Germany : What is your best travel internet solution?

Hotspot WiFi Germany: Many people wonder where and how to find it. What are the best solutions to have an internet access everywhere in Germany?

Pocket WiFi is not widely known. But many travelers think that it is the best hotspot WiFi Germany solution to avoid data roaming. A Portable WiFi allows you to have a stable WiFi access everywhere in Germany.
By using this device you can avoid any last minute calls or webpage check that may cost you a lot of voice or data roaming.

Hotspot WiFi Germany: Guide Through The Best Mobile Internet Solutions

Here are the main travel option to remain connected with internet in Germany

Mobile WiFi Rental for Germany: Fast & Unlimited

Pocket WiFi for Germany is definitely a great solution. The device is very convenient. Small and thin, it can easily fit in your pocket. The Portable WiFi diffuses a WiFi network up to 15 meters around itself. You can connect up to 10 devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) on the same WiFi Egg.

Mobile WiFi rental for Germany provides you with 4G LTE and unlimited data. Best mifi rental in Germany will offer a big data package in fair usage. Thus, it is important to check this points if you want to compare different mobile WiFi rental offers in Germany.

All largest cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf are covered with 4G. However, not all providers offer true 4G with a good Fair usage. Therefore, when you get out of these main cities it is complicated to get a good signal.

Portable WiFi has great advantages compared to other solution: it can connect to several mobile networks. It ensures optimal coverage.

Moreover, in order to get the best Mobile WiFi service and have a great connection, your WiFi egg will get the strongest signal.

Pocket WiFi rental for Germany is a great solution for travelers. The WiFi Egg offers an important data package and the highest Internet speed you can obtain (4G LTE).
Furthermore, portable WiFi providers for Germany are usually based locally which means that travelers can access local prices. Whereas your mobile network provider has to negotiate from abroad and cannot guarantee you reasonable prices.

Free WiFi in Germany

Public free WiFi but also free WiFi in hotels can be your solution to remain connected. Actually, public Wifi can be accessed in different big cities in Germany. But the free WiFi hotspots are limited. You can have an overview of the Wifi hotspots available in Berlin here Public WiFi Berlin

Another solution could be the free WiFi in cafes and restaurants. However, in order to get the WiFi code, you have to order. Which actually means that the WiFi not free.

The disadvantage of free WiFi is that the connection is not very stable. If you have to make an urgent call, you have no guarantee that it will be available. In this case, you may think that the solution is to use your phone for a quick call. This generally ends up with a huge phone bill because of roaming.

Hotspot WiFi Germany: what about the alternative solutions? Prepaid sim card could be used as an alternative solution. But the interest of using sim cards in Germany really depends on your needs.

Local Prepaid SIM Cards In Germany

The largest mobile network providers in Germany are Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefonica O2. These mobile providers generally ask for a local Bank account and a local address. They are very restrictive when it is about providing a sim card and good data plan in Germany. However, you can easily get local Prepaid data SIM cards for Germany online, like on this website

Prepaid Sim cards for travelers in Germany are common. For example « Lebara Mobile » is famous for its affordable international and local calling. However, a prepaid sim card is certainly not the best option to have high-speed internet in Germany.

The cheapest pack with data only, offered by « Lebara Mobile » costs 7.99€. With this pack, you will only get 500MB of data which is really not enough for comfortable use. Then you can spend a lot of money if you want to get more data.

You can also buy a prepaid sim card from providers like T-Mobile for instance. But, the data-only package will cost you a lot. If you choose, for example, the data option of 1GB valid 30 days you’ll have to pay 14.95€. Then, once you used 1GB, the internet connection will be cut off.

Furthermore, one major issue with prepaid sim cards is that unless you have a dual sim card Phone, you will have to take out your own sim card. This means that you won’t be able to receive any message or voice call on your regular phone number.

Moreover, if you want to use a local prepaid sim card in Germany you need to be sure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the frequency bands.

Finally, connection speed with prepaid SIM cards will generally be 3G instead of 4G. Plus the data package will be very low compared to Hotspot WiFi Germany rental. With the Pocket WiFi, you can have 1GB per day in 4G coverage.


Data Roaming in Germany

Data roaming in Germany is definitely your worst mobile Internet solution. Even if some measures are currently taken by the European Union roaming regulation, using data roaming in Germany remain extremely expensive.

If you travel to Germany from the USA, using data roaming will cost you on average 20$ per MB. So, if you want to use data roaming, be prepared to the bill shock once holidays are over!

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