Things to do in Bordeaux - Stay connected during your trip in France

Things to do in Bordeaux - Stay connected during your trip in France

You’ve planned to travel to France soon? And for the occasion you’ve chosen the amazing city of Bordeaux, this article has been written for you. It is located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in the southwest of the country. Crossing by the Garonne river, Bordeaux is one of the most touristic city of France.

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The Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse is a must-see of Bordeaux built from 1730 to 1755. It’s located in front of the Garonne River quays. The center of the Place de la Bourse shelters the Fontaine des trois Grâces. You also can find the chamber of commerce and industry.

This place, designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel is an important spot for the night life. This place, welcome the Water Mirror event: this is the world's largest reflecting pool.

The Grand Théâtre of Bordeaux

This theatre was inaugurated on April 1780. It was conceived as a temple of the arts and lights with a neo-classical facade. It is well known for being one of the most beautiful theatre in the world. And it became very famous thanks to the ballet “La Fille Mal Gardée” which have been welcomed for its premiere in 1789. This an unmissable thing to see in Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux Cathedral

Also known as the Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux, it was consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096. Located at the City Hall of Bordeaux, its heterogeneous aspect, turned it as a unique monument. It is impressive and beautiful. You will enjoy this splendid monument.

You also can visit the belfry, (after climbing 229 steps: 50 meters) and take advantage of the most beautiful view of the city.

The Cité du Vin

The Cité du Vin of Bordeaux opened in june 2016. It is a museum devoted to wine. This is also a place of exhibitions. The Cité du Vin offers shows, movies projections and academic seminars talking about wine.

It claims itself to be the world’s largest wine museum. After the visit, you can go in its restaurant and test one (or more) of their 12 000 bottles of wine.

The historic city center

This area brings together several district and old parishes. Its monuments, its streets and its population turned this area as a unique place in France. You can visit the Sainte-Croix Church or stroll in the flea market.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Bordeaux. Have a nice trip!

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