Portable WIFI Greece : four solutions to remain connected

Portable WIFI Greece : four solutions to remain connected

Who has heard about the Trojan Horse, the Odyssey, the Hellenic Culture of the origin of the Olympic Games, Greece is the world cradle of Culture and is today one of the most attractive destinations for travelers seeking souvenirs, images, videos, historical documentary photos among others. The most traditional Mediterranean Gastronomy and one of the ancient cities with a historical legacy full of beautiful millenary and historical architectures, attractions that make it today one of the most sought-after destinations for agencies today. In addition Greece is a center that unites the most diverse cultures of Europe, Asia and North Africa which makes it much more attractive to visit. Travelers who have the experience of visiting it require communication via the Internet and in real time to capture and save and share its contents without missing any detail of images, photos, videos among others. This will be possible only if you manage to stay connected all the time and everywhere through a wifi access point anywhere in Ancient Greece.

These are the most used options in Greece.

This presentation is a very reasonable outline for you to have a criterion when selecting the best way to stay connected when you are traveling in Greater Greece. The most common internet services to make a comparison, as to the wifi pocket device for mobile in Greece that is the best option when you are visiting the historical and ancestral world of Greece.


As in all countries the Free coverage guarantees its coverage to most of the big cities of Greece. Most access points are concentrated; in the popular Internet cafes, libraries, historical centers, hotels, airports and other places with a significant flow of people. It should be noted that their access tends to be limited, the delay in updating websites, the slow in sending and downloading files. Almost all the cities of the European Union, are framed in the range of having an access to Internet of high demand, increases considerably the possibilities of risks of being attacked by computer piracy through Hacker specialized in spying and subtracting your personal information, or attacks of malicious programs that are inoculated to infect the software of your mobile.


The use of the 3G or 4G network along the path of "roaming data" allows you to use the internet network in Greece, which represents in this presentation of the options, the most expensive of which we are reviewing. By activating your roaming data plan, when you step on Greek soil, you expose yourself to paying a price that is highly superior to the mobile internet rate of your country of origin. The local operator will send you by SMS the price proposed by the operator, from its first step in the foreign country, this option means being willing to pay a bill for very expensive mobile service that could cause you a discomfort at the end of the month, creating discomfort for the surprise that is usually observe the amount to pay in relation to the consumption and use of these packages Roaming or Itinerant.


The initiative and use of the so-called "prepaid cards" are widespread in Greece, but their use has decreased in terms of travelers, so much so that it has raised concern in many operators of these SIM, which are proposing more affordable prices with competition and prizes to make their plans more attractive. Prepaid cards throughout Europe ensure a very good Internet connection, however, very few networks cover the entire Greek country, apart from the fact that there are operators with very poor network quality; also when you buy your card, you subscribe a new temporary number for your mobile during your stay, limiting your access to the Internet with your personal data. Remember that the more you use the Internet, the more expensive your bill will be and the more amazement will be noticed on your face.


Renting a pocket or laptop wifi in Greece is the best solution to stay connected at all times. In Greece we work with the most important local providers of mobile network; Wind Hellas, Vodafone, Cosmote to guarantee the best coverage and quality of the network. You can switch from one network to another to enjoy a good signal. The access to the portable wifi, with broadband and unlimited use represents the most convenient solution, easy to use and carry that even fits a pocket of your shirt. You will have the experience of being under a very successful network; portable wifi and mifi for Greece; Athens, Mykonos, Hersonissos, with so many wonders to see and appreciate in such a short time, that you should not waste more time looking for the best way to connect when you are traveling through Greece; and all this thanks to the proposal of My Webspot, which provides you with unlimited Internet, with a coverage that reaches up to 15m and connecting at the same time up to a maximum of 10 devices; Smartphone, tablets, laptops.

My Webspot proposes an offer of 6.40Eur per day, allowing you to get unlimited 4G LTE whether you stay in Greece to share your stay in real time. It's very likely that you won't get providers that can offer you 4G LTE, let alone a good data package. Our pocket wifi ensures you provide optimal coverage. On the other hand, network providers and travel agencies have their supports locally. This means that travellers only access local prices and other suppliers from abroad, so prices are not really the same when you are in the country you decided to visit.




*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.