Why Mobile WiFi In Europe Is Still Superior To WiFi Calling

Why Mobile WiFi In Europe Is Still Superior To WiFi Calling

Are you traveling to Europe soon and considering to use roaming as your solution to stay connected to the internet? Find out why Mobile WiFi in Europe is still the better solution.

How to stay connected on your journey

We all know it - preparing for your holiday can be extremely stressful all things combined. But today’s technology made it very easy for us to stay connected to the internet wherever we go. The world we live in is a very data - driven one in which the internet becomes a necessity.

Over the recent years, mobile network providers have learned to adapt and introduced roaming as an exceptional solution to cover the growing demand of mobile internet availability. You might have already heard of Data Roaming or WiFi calling.

Data Roaming or WiFi Calling seem to be a perfect solution for travelers or business people going abroad. You do not need to hustle to find a local mobile network provider at the airport of destination. Once you arrive, you have an instant connection to the internet and you are able to text your family & friends or finish up some work.

How does Data Roaming work?

Your smartphone always needs an access point provided by the mobile network providers to stay connected to the cellular network and to the internet without changing your phone number. For this to accomplish, mobile network providers have agreements with foreign operators to be able to continue the service for you even abroad.

The downside is that if once you are abroad and connected to a foreign operator, charges for phone calls and data usage can be extremely expensive.

There is little to no incentive for roaming providers to work out deals with each other due to the constant change of connections between the different access points operated by varying foreign operators. As the customer, we are on the losing side here.

On top of that, your home network provider will charge you for the most expensive foreign network provider in the case you will be connected to their network all the time.

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The Introduction of WiFi Calling

In the recent years, consumer behavior has shifted from using the cellular networks to WiFi which carries more than half of all mobile data worldwide now. But technology never stops improving.

Major network operators are starting to offer WiFi Calling already as the next step of service improvement but it is a slow process. The smartphone must be compatible to make use of the WiFi Calling feature as it is a very recent development.

The catch is that usually, the mobile network provider sells you the smartphone as it needs the right software to access their WiFi Calling function. It still is an expensive feature with a limited accessibility.


What are the advantages of WiFi Calling?

By now, you are probably wondering what the actual advantages are of WiFi Calling. Many consumers already make use of the VoIP services provided by Facebook, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. You simply just call your friend from one of the apps. With WiFi Calling, you do not need these apps anymore.

WiFi Calling reduces the dependency on a reliable network to the cellular network to be able to make phone calls. May it be in the basement of your hotel, at your favorite Starbucks or at other places where the cellular signal is blocked.

Simply speaking, you just have a normal contact list with phone numbers as you would need it if you want to call someone over the cellular network. Your contacts do not need to have the WiFi Calling function.

All of this is still in the early stages where only a few selected mobile network provider offer that service with a high-priced smartphone. There are more affordable and more convenient options available on the market right now for travelers who wish to stay connected to the internet.

Avoid high roaming charges with Mobile WiFi Europe

My Webspot makes use of a mobile wifi system that helps travelers all around the world to save up to 95% on data roaming charges. It is a secure WiFi hotspot option with high-speed internet for over 100 countries with up to 1GB data volume a day.

With a pocket WiFi in Europe for example, travelers are not depending on their network provider from home or the local network provider at the holiday destination. If turned on, the device acts as a mobile WiFi Hotspot and the user can instantly connect to the World Wide Web without worrying about getting a new SIM card with a limited data volume.

Do not forget that travelers use their data differently abroad than being at home. You will take more pictures, share them with your friends and post them on Social Media or send them to colleagues via work. You can calculate your approximate data usage here.

While being abroad, Google Maps can be a very helpful companion that allows you to arrive safely at your destinations in a timely manner. Even Tripadvisor is a priority choice for travelers to discover the best local attractions or try fancy food with the best reviews.

Do not underestimate how quickly you can use up your data volume.

Enjoy your travel with Mobile WiFi Europe and other places

Mobile network providers are working constantly to provide us consumers with a high availability for our loved access to the internet.

WiFi Calling is the next step to improve worldwide services but it is nowhere as sophisticated as other solutions yet. Both WiFi Calling and Roaming are still extremely unaffordable for many travelers on the road.

The next time you plan to go on a vacation abroad, consider to order a pocket wifi instead of being furious about your high roaming charges by your home network provider.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.