Discover Mexico Riviera Maya : 6 unforgettable stops

Discover Mexico Riviera Maya : 6 unforgettable stops

Can you imagine the Earth sunk in a deep total darkness? Or a place with a very low temperature for years and years? This is how the planet suffered after the impact of an immense meteorite. After the thunderous shock that left a footprint of 125 miles of diameter, everything was chaos. Fires everywhere, earthquakes up to 16 degrees on the Richter Scale, temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees Celsius, volcanic eruptions. Tsunamis causing waves of more than 600 feet high. Acid rain and any other scene taken from an apocalypse worthy of the most bloody Bible. Extinct almost all forms of life. Missing the beautiful and immense dinosaurs, the Earth would never be the same again.

Well, that happened millions of years ago and it was northern Yucatan that received the unfortunate meteorite. Chicxulub was the name given to the immense mark left by this tragedy. Despite the passing of the years, it is still subject to constant studies to understand human nature.

This and much more offers the beautiful Riviera Maya. It is an important Mexican tourist area that stretches from Punta Allen, in Quintana Roo State to Puerto Morelos. If you like sand, sun and blue sea, here you will have some activities to do in Mayan lands.

Feel like a god in Tulum

Tulum was a walled city of the Mayans and owns part of its important archaeological ruins. The Castle, the Temple of the Descendant God and the Temple of the Frescoes. You must stop in the Castle. The function of this majestic Mayan limestone building is really peculiar. It served for guiding the Mayan navigators to avoid the reef and to arrive safely.

The Temple of the Descendant God only has a room with a striking niche on a door. It has a winged and descending figure of a god. The Temple of The Frescoes is a small building with large stucco masks representing the god of wisdom Itzamná. It has a small sanctuary and remains of colorful murals. Something really curious about this walled Maya city, are its own walls. It is believed that these were created not to protect the city from attacks, but to separate the classes. Within Tulum, the most powerful classes lived.

You should also know Tulumis a National Park, rich for its abundant flora and fauna. You can find turtles, spider monkeys, armadillos, iguanas among other exotic and beautiful creatures. Take a boat ride through the Muyil Lake and be impressed by the color of the waters. Do not miss the fascinating Cenotes Route where you will visit the longest subterranean hydrological system in the world. Remember cenotes are caverns flooded in the last glaciations. The Boca del Pumace note is particularly glorious because the beauty of its vegetation and fauna. You can perform great activities such as cycling, diving, rappelling, zip-lining and even climbing. Surely your senses will thank you.

Have a feather in Chichén Itzá

The mouth of the witches' well, or Chichén Itzá was a Maya city for religious rituals. It is a simply imposing, majestic and perfect structure. The pyramid of Kukulkan stands out. It was made in honor of the deity Maya Quetzalcoatl who was a feathered serpent, god of life, of wisdom and fertility. Among the magnificent surrounding buildings, you will also be able to appreciate a sacred cenote. There jewels and bones were discovered. It was a receptacle for the human bodies that were sacrificed. It is creepy, but definitely interesting. 

In that order you should know interesting facts. As the steps of the Kukulkan pyramid are 364 and with its platform are 365 representing the days of the year. So the Mayan calendar, fits perfectly with the Gregorian calendar we use.

Immerse yourself in the bat’s eyes

The Mexican or Meso american reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world. It starts from the Yucatan Peninsula and ends in Honduras. If you like diving or boating or just seeing beautiful and unrepeatable things, you should go there.

It does not matter if you know or do not immerse yourself in deep water. This is the ideal place to take your first class. For first-timers, snorkeling is recommended, as you will only swim on the surface and admire the seabed from above. What better place than the waters of Playa del Carmen to be baptized in diving? For the more experienced, diving in the ghostly bat cave known as the Dos Ojosce note is a challenge.

Be bold and just do it

You are one of those who think that one day without moving your body, it can kill you. You travel with your mat, sneakers and choose hotels with a gym. Well, in the Riviera Maya you will not need any gym. Everything you need is under the sky, in the sea and on the earth.

If you like golf, then you will hallucinate with the most exclusive and beautiful fields to make spectacular approaches. If you are more daring, kite boarding has arrived in Mexico to stay. You will be able to receive lessons from the most experienced in this exciting sport. You can also sail in kayak and canopy. If you want to do something really cool, go to the charming island Holboxand swim with imposing whale sharks. You will feel the immensity of life in its entire splendor.

You know body, mind and soul are one. Go take one of the many yoga retreats you can do on the Riviera. Picture yourself meditating in front of the Caribbean Sea. Sublime!

Know a sanctuary

If you want to connect with nature, the Sian Ka'an Reserve or Puerta del Cielo will be a place for such experience. It is the largest protected area of ​​the Mexican coast and holds beautiful beaches, enigmatic cenotes, reefs. Enjoy the spectacular tropical jungle that is the paradise of many species of animals and flora.

You can take the boat tour through the beautiful mangroves and swim in its waters. Put on your life jacket like a diaper and you will enjoy the softness of the current. Learn about the archaeological ruins of Muyil, which, despite their small size, are simply amazing. Take a bath in a small freshwater cenote very close to the Akumal beach. Delight yourself with the turtles and above all, respect them because you are the guest at its home. You must be quite careful in your visit, unfortunately tourism has negatively impacted the reserve.

Not in the fourth or in the sixth, lets party at the Quinta

To complete your Mayan experience, you must try going to party in the most emblematic avenue in the Riviera. Quinta Avenida de Playa del Carmen. Here you will find everything you need to be happy. From simple and luxurious restaurants, to exclusive boutiques, through art galleries, jewelers, spas and discos. La Quinta suits all tastes and pockets. 

You can start your walk by taking a photo in the artistically controversial Portal Mayain the Los Fundadores Park. Follow Calle Corazón where you will find galleries, cafes and restaurants. You can eat delicious enchiladas, tacos and tons of mezcal. Finish your route on the Doce Avenue with the Quinta. There are the best bars, clubs and shows of the Riviera. Variety is the rule here.

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When you get to the magical Riviera Maya, be good and remember the wise words of Thomas Berry. “The natural world is the largest sacred community to which we belong. To damage this community is to diminish our own humanity”.

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