Your Packing List - The 10 Most Important Items For Your Travels

Your Packing List - The 10 Most Important Items For Your Travels

Are you about to hit the road and wondering if you forgot to pack anything? Here is our comprehensive packing list with items that are the most important. Do not miss out on them!

Power Adapter

With no doubt the most important thing on this list that you must need nowadays. There is technology all around enough and it needs energy!

European appliances work with 220 Volts and if you are coming from the United States - well - your devices are using 110 Volts. No need to worry though!

Many new devices already offer dual voltage so you can use them with any voltage! But you still need a power adapter - European plugs use two round prongs while American plugs use two flat prongs!

Travel Guides

For most people, it will be their best friend during the trip. Travel guides are filled with hidden secrets.

They contain fancy but affordable restaurants, great atmospheric hostels, museums and places not overcrowded by tourists. Most of them are so beautiful that you want to propose to your SO (no rushed decisions though please).

The biggest and most famous travel guides out there are the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Books are heavy though and many travelers prefer to travel light-weight.

Thus TripAdvisor might be the best solution. It is a travel website company with many recommendations by other travelers. Many awesome travel advice and advised locations that are a must - seen.

Travel Insurance

This item is not something you pack in your bag but you definitely need it either way. Nobody hopes that they have to use it but still it is super important to get yourself a travel insurance.

During my travel experience, I had to use mine twice. If I did not have had an insurance, I would have needed to cancel my trips as the financial costs are too high if you are sick abroad.

The costs of an insurance are small compared to what you have a pay in a hospital abroad! Get one and at the end of the day, we all, of course, hope that we do not need to use it. Stay healthy on your travels.

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First Aid Kit

Speaking of travel insurances, a first aid kit can become your best friend. Little injuries can happen fast, so you want to be able to treat your wounds yourself.
Your kit should include but is not limited to these items:

  • Bandages in various sizes
  • Distilled water for cleaning wounds
  • Painkillers
  • Skin rash cream
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Plasters in all sizes and shapes.
  • Earplugs & eye-masks

From my experience, the most valuable item that you can bring along with you are earplugs. I stopped counting the sleepless nights I had in hostels sharing a room with many other strangers. Earplugs & eye-masks will save you the night to a certain degree. That's all I can say to this.


A flashlight can be quite useful depending on in which part of the world you are traveling. I remember being in small fishers village in the Philippines where the electricity went down every night from 5 pm until next morning 6 am. Besides lighting up candles everywhere, the flashlight was a great companion.

Photocopies of everything!

You never know! You can watch out for your passport and other important documents as much as you want but sometimes, it happens. You lose them!

In that case, you want some sort of proof of existence for your lost documents. You can either scan and print out your documents or upload them to your favorite cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. If you want to go 100% safe, keep some copies at home where friends and family can get them for you in case.

If you want to go 100% safe, keep some copies at home where friends and family can get them for you in case.


It might sound old-school, but a notebook can be a precious memory of your travel experience. Write down whatever comes to your mind - even start a diary. The joy of reading your notebook a couple of years later is great. All the lost memories shooting back into your mind!

Your medical prescriptions

It seems like a no-brainer, so please do not forget to bring important medicine along with you. Depending on the countries you are going, you might not even be able to get them or are very highly priced compared to your home country. Just a small reminder to avoid stressful situations.

Pocket WiFi

From old - school to High - Tech now. Intercontinental connectivity is a standard today for every single traveler.

Stereotypically, we are sharing the favorites dishes from each country on Instagram. We try to stay in touch with the (Grand)parents on Facebook or simply just uploading crazy stories on Snapchat.

As fun as it sounds, bad mobile internet can be a real pain in the neck. My Webspot ensures that you do not need to worry about your mobile data plan on your travels.

The #1 Pocket WiFi for travelers offers unlimited data in 100+ countries without a contract. Most importantly - You can save up to 95% on your data roaming compared to what your local mobile network provider charges for roaming.


Last but not least, you might consider getting a padlock for your suitcase/backpack. From my first-hand experiences, I encounter many other travelers to who had small items stolen from them, myself included. So get yourself a padlock and lock your belongings every time you cannot keep an eye on them. Better be safe than sorry!

Things You Don't Need On Your Packing List

What you definitely do not need on your packing list are your worries! Leave them at home and enjoy the fascinating world that is out there with all the lovely people. Stay awesome!

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