Hotspot WiFi Italy : Best solutions for connected travelers

Hotspot WiFi Italy :  Best solutions for connected travelers

Italy, gastronomic capital and treasure of antique architectures, occupies the 5th place of the most appreciated touristic destinations in the current world. Also host country of numerous commercial flows and considerable power in the world, this country concerns you or will concern you certainly, closely or remotely. Pictures, landscapes, memories, financial documents or reports of meetings, are so much information you will want to share via Internet. Here are the more or less infallible tricks to share your photos on Instagram, or to send your professional documents, by using the Hotspot WiFi Italy.

Hotspot WiFi Italy: Focus on the 4 traveler's favorite solutions, and their real conditions of use

Free WiFi Italy

Cybercafés, free WiFi in hotels or meeting places with WiFi hotspots in Italy are so many places where exists the free WiFi. In particular in the big cities. In Rome, for example, there is hotspots recovering the total surface of the city and authorizing a free access for 4h / day, accessible on Digitroma. However, its access is often limited, its debit is clearly lower than the debit you are used today, the updating of your internet pages is long and laborious, and does not insure the sending or the download of your files. According to the indicators of the European Union, Italy is classified only at the 22nd place in term of percentage of having an access to High-debit Internet in the country.

Furthermore, sharing this type of connexion with many others increases considerably the hacking risks of your personal informations.

Your phone operator

Using the network 3G or 4G by the way of the " Data abroad " allows you to use permanently the internet network of the country, but represents especially the most expensive solution. By activating these data, you are subjected to a price rate clearly upper to the mobile internet price rate of your residence country. Proposed by SMS sent by your operator, from your first step on the foreign ground, this solution is synonymic of a very steep phone invoice at the end of the month.

Prepaid sim card in Italy

This initiative is very wide-spread in Italy and concerns numerous operators which propose rather affordable prices(prizes),as Tre which proposes fixed prices/month with limited connections, as offer " 3Go Internet + 2 hours of call" for above 20€. Adapted to the Italian network, prepaid cards insure an internet connexion, however few networks as do not cover the country in its totallity,and the competitiveness of the prices, often masks their network quality. By buying a fixed card, you subscribe to a new phone number for the during of your journey: you will have no access to internet via your personal data. Furthermore, by buying a prepaid card, you submit yourselves to a constraint of connection, imposed by your (new) operator. This limit overtaken, you have internet access only if you spread your fixed package. The more you use internet, the more your invoice is expensive.

Our favorite prepaid Data sim card for Italy is the 12Gb package offered by which also allow to use data in other countries in Europe.

Hotspot WiFi Italy

Reliable, broadband and in unlimited use, the rent of “portable WiFi” cases represent the most attractive solution as “value for money”. Ergonomic, easily transportable and with discreet design, this case will disguise perfectly in your bags: indeed, you can transport your network in the most practical way. Its debit allows you to be under a very successful network in durability. Thanks to hotspots proposed by My Webspot, you can consume internet in unlimited, act with distance of 15m and connect simultaneously up to 10 devices (and thus divide the invoice with friends). My Webspot proposes you an offer from 6,40€/day allowing you an optimal use of WiFi network, wherever whom you are in Italy. Don’t be afraid anymore about an Italy road-trip: everybody can follow your real time adventures!

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.