Free WiFi in San Francisco: The Best Places To Hang Out

Free WiFi in San Francisco: The Best Places To Hang Out

Once upon a time in a far away village, a wolf was frightening its population. It killed their animals and even the men. People were leaving the village because they have no peace. One brave man decided meeting the wolf to end this tragedy.

He asked the fierce animal to stop hurting other animals and people. He also told him he understands its hunger and he promise people will give it everything it needs to support itself.

Under the stupefied look of the people, the wolf settled its huge head and it was gentle to the determined man. The village and the wolf lived together happily in and the harmony was reestablished. The brave man loved the all kind of animal deeply and he protected them.

This man was Francisco, he lived in Asis, Italy, he is the saint of the animals and nature and its name is in one of the most beautiful places on the earth. So if you want to know everything about it, and also get the best free WiFi in San Francisco keep reading.

San Francisco is the cradle of technology. Silicon Valley is the proof. Then you must choose wisely your communication gadgets so you don’t stay behind. There are many places to visit and thing to do in San Francisco.

Enjoying the sunset and the Golden Gate, admire the redwoods in the Muir Woods and feeling sexy in Sausalito are activities you won’t miss. Being connected improves all those things. Thus take a look and learn a few things about free WiFi providers in San Francisco and hot places and this beautiful city.

Look Where to Find Free WiFi in San Francisco

Years ago, some companies in the Stanford Industrial Park produced silicon chips. Don Hoefler, a journalist from Electronic News, named that area as Silicon Valleyand the rest is history. This valley covers a large area of the San Francisco Bay, from Menlo Parkto San José and it is growing fast. This is an important zone of technological developments.

In fact, Google and the San Francisco City Hall made an agreement to provide free and open WiFi connection in over 30 parks and city squares. Google also provides free WiFi to Mountain View. So this is a very friendly free WiFi zone. Thus if you are a geek, don’t miss the Apple Store in Union Square with the impressive and expensive crystal stairs.

In this order, the imposing San Francisco International Airport offers free WiFi. This is one of the best airports in the entire world. It even has some museums and a meditation room. Some other public buildings like libraries, hospitals and the emblematic Market Street have free WiFi.

Dark Side of The Free WiFi in San Francisco 

There is no light without darkness. Even when we all know the numerous benefits of free WiFi, there are some risks and disadvantages. As technology advances, crime also does. Then free WiFi zones are very ideal places for a cyber criminal. So you will want to avoid making banking transactions in the middle of the fun Mission Dolores Park.

By the other hand free WiFi connection can be slow because the number of people who use it at the same time. Thus if you need sending a heavy video immediately, maybe you will get mad. Don’t ruin your memories of a sunset enjoyed from the spectacular Twin Peaks.

Other of its disadvantages is that it paralyzes you. You need to remain in the router field of action. Why to be still when you can walk around the vibrant Pier 39shopping and eating some Bubba’s Far Out Dip? You want to run like Forrest!

How Good is Using Data Roaming in San Francisco?

You can use your local mobile package. This is easy because you choose an international plan and you are ready to go. But there is a “but”. This solution is expensive. Your local company needs to contract with locals companies in San Francisco in order to keep you connected.

Obviously is more expensive. Wouldn’t you prefer use that money to eat many sandwiches at Tommy’s Joynt? Yes. You would.

Even more, once you finish your international plan, you will be charged at the full rate without a warning. What a way to ruin your memories of the Fisherman’s Wharf!  

What About Using a Prepaid SIM Card in San Francisco? 

Getting a prepaid SIM card is a nice and gentle solution to travel to San Francisco. This card allows you making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages and internet connection. All depends on the kind of data user you are.

If you only need to use orientation apps, checking out your social media once and a while, you are going to be fine. There are many companies like Verizon, Cricket, AT&T, Simoptions, T-Mobile and more. Airports, supermarkets and even vending machines have it.

On the contrary if you live and breathe through your phone and you would prefer lose your suitcase than your apps, this is not for you. You need a high speed Internet so you should use a mobile WiFi. You will need a nice tool to document and share every second of your tour to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Matisse paintings.

You Can Have Internet in Your Pocket in San Francisco

This is crucial. You are in the humongous Yosemite Parkand you are about to see your first sequoia. You are interrupted by a call. Your temperamental boss need you send a very heavy video right now. There is not free internet in that spot you are. Not even Yogi Bearcan get you out of this, pal! A Pocket WiFi can fix that in a minute.

The pocket WiFi rental in the United States will allow you to get 4G LTE and unlimited data with a fair usage of 1GB per day. Among all options, this is the only way you can browse the internet so fast and long. In addition it is prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want. 

Finally, when you visit the colorful San Francisco, remember also visiting the first United States’ Slow City, Sonoma. It is only 45 minutes away and there are free WiFi hotspots too. It is a charming and gorgeous place to visit and living. If San Francisco was alive, he would live there and he would always say this:  Animal are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.