Traveler: discover why Sonora will give you joy on your next trip to Mexico

Traveler: discover why Sonora will give you joy on your next trip to Mexico

Legend has it a very beautiful girl from Sonora went to a party at a casino, despite her mother's prohibition. She was willing to meet the most handsome young man in the city and fall in love. She did not dance with anyone until the most handsome man ever imagined appeared and took her out. They danced all night until she felt something burning in her waist and looked around. She noticed that all eyes on the track were on her and her partner. She was surprised, she looked at her gallant dancer and observes that her legs were not such. They were ram's feet. She screamed in terror, they all sensed a smell like sulfur and everything burned. There are still screams in the ruins of the once luxurious casino. That happens to girls who do not listen to mom, but Sonora is anything but terrifying.

Its magnificent deserts, warm and magical towns, its natural reserves and its people are more than worthy to know. So if in your plans you are visiting the beautiful and beloved Mexico, Sonora should be on your list. So you do not waste your valuable time, here we leave you the must-see to visit and feel at home.

For the adventurous ones

You get bored in the concrete jungle. Real jungle attracts you. Earth, water, air and fire is what moves your world. You have climbed many mountains and you feel happy in a forest. A bath in the river gives you and you enjoy the energy that can only give you a bath in the river. You will love Sonora!

Meet part of the El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and the Great Desert of Altar. In this desert you can admire hundreds of species of vascular plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. If you are lucky you will be able to admire the spectacular bighorn sheep, the Sonora pronghorn or the majestic Gila monster. If you want to make a full day excursion, you can depart from Puerto Peñasco.

In this magnificent desert you will get to know the El Elegante volcano, surrounded by black sand and more than 900 ft.  You will also observe the magnificent dunes over 300 ft. that will surely take your breath away. It is a totally unique experience.

Another destination in Sonora for the little Cousteau you have inside is Tiburon Island. Apart from the wonderful flora and fauna that will delight you, you will see vestiges of ancient civilizations such as geoliths, trails and paths. It is another ecological reserve so you will need a permit to enter but it is well worth the paperwork. Its waters are perfect for snorkeling or diving.

For the romantics and the quiet ones

Sonora has a couple of magical and special places that will delight you. Magdalena de Kino is a warm village with everything you need to be happy. Visit its Municipal Palace which is an old military academy. In the Mausoleum of Father Kino you will commemorate the remains of the founding father of this town. Its architecture is truly beautiful. Visit the Benito Juárez Square and taste some delicious chimichangas. This dish is the specialty of Magdalena de Kino, it is a delicious fried burrito. Be impressed with the structure of the Colosio Mausoleum. Have a sit in the living room and be amazed to find out how the Colosio husband was murdered. 

Another magical town is Álamos. Of an outstanding colonial style, it seems that this town was parked in time. Its streets are beautifully paved and quiet; it has beautiful structures such as the Church of the Immaculate Conception. For lovers of architecture, do not miss visiting the Municipal Pantheon, because its crypts and mausoleums are of a special beauty. Enjoy a sunset from the Mirador del Cerro del Perico. Walk the old mine. Visit the Callejón del Beso with your soulmate. Once upon a time some neighbors fell in love and their parents forbade the relationship. So they saw each other and kissed from balcony to balcony. It is said that those who kiss here, never separate. Kiss!

For Neptune childs

If your idea of ​​perfect vacations is to dive your precious body in divine salty waters and return with a nice tan, you should visit Puerto Peñasco. Las Conchas stands out for being a beach with transparent waters and soft white sand. It is a very beautiful and quiet residential area.

Sandy Beach is ideal for water sports, while Mirador Beach excels for its restaurants and bars. If you go to the Island of San Jorge maybe you can dive and admire the sea lions.

In carnival holydays, Puerto Peñasco becomes the most fun place on the planet. So you can party, take a dip and eat the best camaguanta in all of Sonora.

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Finally, do not forget to visit the Cerro de las Campanas in Hermosillo. It is a show for your senses especially for your ears. There is no one there playing bells, when some rocks of this hill collide, they emit a sound similar to that of the bells. It is also a perfect place to see the city. All of Sonora is interesting. Come soon!



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