Visit Mexico beaches that will leave you breathless

Visit Mexico beaches that will leave you breathless

Did you know sea water can effectively clean your airways? It can also heal your skin, regenerate your liver, cure your insomnia and make you happier. Even church bells are anointed with sea salt to ward off bad vibes. If you love to escape to the beach, enjoy the sun and immerse in deep waters, keep reading. Water regenerates you, gives you joy and gives you life.

When you go to Mexico you will surely want to visit all the beautiful places. In these lines you can find a beach that will surely adapt to what your body and soul need. Orale! 

You will not harm yourself on these white sands

It is in the state of Oaxaca. Zicatela means the place of the large thorns and it has three-kilometer beach. Its sand is very white. One of the ends of this beach has many hotels, restaurants and bars. If you prefer something quieter, at the other end you will relax. This is a surfer beach and the third in the world ideal for this sport due to the heights of its waves. They can reach between 9 to 32 ft. In this Mexican Pipeline there are important world surf tournaments. A funny fact for you. Alfred Gallant saw his mother throw wax on the floor. He realize that he did not slip, then he use it on his surfboards.

Don’t leave your eggs here

In Oaxaca is also Mazunte town. Mazunte means please put your eggs here or a kind of crab. Its beach is well known for its sea turtles. Here they come to spawn. In the seventies the hunting and sale of these precious reptiles intensified. There was even a turtle slaughterhouse. Fortunately, this practice was banned and they are now highly protected.

In fact, this community calls itself as an ecological peasant economic reserve. They preserve turtles and produce cosmetics made with natural products. Its waters are crystal clear, the atmosphere relaxed and rustic. The constructions are made of palm, wood and adobe. If you enjoy watching the birds, you can observe the pelicans and the sunset at the bay called Punto Cometa. Maybe you see a whale. Do not forget to stop by the Turtle Museum. You will know that the sex of the turtle is determined by the temperature of the nest. Great!

Keep your bathing suit in your backpack

Also in Oaxaca, Zipolite beach is recognized as a nudist beach. Legend has it; its name translates to beach of the dead because the Zapotec aborigines buried their dead ones there. But do not be scared! This beach is all about life. This beautiful marine land has a crescent shape and the waves are usually strong. It is ideal if you go backpacking plan. So you can get simple accommodation such as hammocks and rustic huts. They are friendly with the ecosystem. Here you can dive and the nights are always funny with dances and music on the beach. Remember to put on a powerful sunscreen and leave the camera (and clothes) in the backpack.

Keep the crocodile away

In Zihuatanejo you will find this paradise covered with palm trees. At Linda beach the sand is soft and the atmosphere is quite serene. You can do water activities such as Jet Ski or ride and fall off the funniest banana. The swell is calm and in there are many commerce locals, restaurants and bars.

There is a cycle track and you can rent one. It also has a crocodile sanctuary where you can appreciate these amazing reptiles in their habitat and very close. Do not stop eating everything you can because its cuisine is the most exquisite of the entire state of Guerrero. Take advantage of admiring its architecture because the Zihua style you will not see it anywhere else. You will see predominantly the use of palm, wood tile, terracotta pavers, ocher and sand. Pretty cute!

Cover yourself on bugs repellent

In the state of Nayarit, the Bay of Matanchán can be quite educational. There are projects of reproduction of several marine species and conservation of flora and fauna. In the same way, archaeological discoveries and all the nautical activities that you can enjoy have been made. Surfing, diving, sailing, soccer and beach volleyball. If you like to explore, this bay has profuse and beautiful vegetation. Do you like candies? try the coconut and banana bread. Also you must remember this bay is near the emblematic San Blas Dock. This was a point of extreme importance for the colonial economy. It’s recommended to go through the Tovara which is a natural park full of caves, mangroves, orchids, crocodiles and birds. Do not forget a good mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes love foreign blood.

Fall in love, don’t get a divorce

In Baja California is the magnificent Cabo de San Lucas or the aquarium of the world as Cousteau once said. You can do a lot of activities, from golf to zip line, going by whale watching and riding a motorcycle. You must also rent a boat and visit to Love Beach. Its sand is golden. Its calm and emerald waters are ideal for diving. On the other hand, the Divorce Beach, although it is beautiful. Its waters are so dangerous that it is forbidden to swim in them. Now you know why their names. Also that boat can take you to the Finisterra or the end of the land and the Arch, where two rocks naturally form this beautiful stage. At this point the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortes meet, so the waters are simply indescribable.

The Goddess Island

Women Island has that name because it was consecrated to the Mayan goddess Ixchel, deity of fertility and love. Its waters are warm and crystalline, full of turtles and dolphins. It is the best place to practice snorkeling. You can also visit the Garrafón Park, and take a temazcal. That is a kind of steam bath that will make you ten years younger.

Go to North Beach if you like the calm and sleepy waters. But the best of this island is the Underwater Art Museum. You can see more than 400 spectacular sculptures on the sea floor. They are completely ecological because they are made of marine concrete that tend to increase biomass. Among them live species of lobsters, fish, urchins and turtles. The sculpture Los Banqueros is simply powerful. You only need a snorkel because they are only ten meters deep. This is the perfect communion between nature, art and sport. You will not find anything similar to this museum.

Find what is hidden

In the state of Nayarit, lies this precious and incredible treasure. In the National Park of the Marietas Islands is Hidden Beach. Of volcanic origin and created by marine erosion, this beach presents the peculiar structure that resembles a beach inside a cave. As if it was inside a crater. The only way to get in is by swimming for about ten minutes. If the tide is high, it is not possible to arrive. The beach was declared a biosphere reserve due to the number of species that live there. Such as dolphins, whales and the blue-footed bird that is at risk of extinction. Simply being there, contemplating the sky, on the snowy sand, takes your breath away and paralyzes your heart.

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Just relax when the sun kisses you, you caress the sand and the sea embraces you. Remember you will be filled with all the divine and joyful energy that only these Mexican waters can offer.



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