7 Of the Best Places To Go Shopping On Holiday

7 Of the Best Places To Go Shopping On Holiday

In Rome one once decided the custom of making gifts between relatives and friends on January 1st. Then, they give away coins as a symbol of wealth and attract luck. Other common gifts were amulets, pendants and food delicacies such as salt, honey or dried figs. Gifts were also used to celebrate Saturnalia. It is an ancient form of Christmas where the most common gifts were Evergreen branches and also sweet cakes. Nowadays our gifts are a little bit different, but we always want to make them specials.

So you are travelling around the world and the holidays are coming. This is your chance to shop the best gift ever because you are going to look for something original, fresh, local and suitable for your beloved ones. Thus you need to know where you find! Here is a bunch of places that may make this task easier:

Best Shopping Places #1: Australia.

Australia is not all about kangaroos and beaches. It also has many places to get lovely things for you and your beloved ones, like mega malls, markets, warehouses and boutiques. In Melbourne you can find most famous brands around Prahran’s Chapel Street. You can explore also the Rose Street Artists Market and to get fashion items and even furnishings at fantastic value. Go to the Queen Victoria market, also known as Vic Markets, which is an excellent place to eat and shopping local gifts. You must know that it is illegal to wear pink pants on Sundays. So watch it!

Best Shopping Places #2: Switzerland.

This amazing country offers several spots to get awesome holiday’s gifts. You can get the famous knives at the Côté Ambiance in La Chaux-de-Fonds, or going to St. Gallen to the 111 Viewpoints with its pretty boutiques and shops for every taste. But if you want give away an original gift, ask for Alpine City products, which is  whole basket of regional products like chocolate, cheese, ice cream, cakes and the typical "Salsiz" sausage from the Alpine town and the "Röteli" liquor from Chur should not be missing either. Remember punctuality is very important there, so set your clock right.

Best Shopping Places #3: Norway.

Oslo provides many unique shops that you want to see, like Baerums Verk shopping. Here you can find shops and workshops of art and crafts, artisans of glass and wood, knit, looms and quilts. In the mall you can buy decorative items, gifts, clothes, sporting goods and food. Do you like to give books away? You must go to the Cappelens Forslag, which is an independent bookshop and café with hand-picked new, used and antiquarian books in many languages. You can also get a good cup of coffee or tea that you can enjoy. Maybe you will want to buy the Ostehøvel which is the special knife to cut the cheese and is a true Norwegian invention.

Best Shopping Places #4: New Zealand.

The Legolas and Frodo land is full of spectacular and imposing places to visit. Shopping for any occasion is a very fun thing to do here. In Auckland you will find the Queen Street. This street has the most luxury boutiques, souvenirs shops and all kind of places to bargain. If you are looking for a vintage gift, go to Karangahape Road, and if you want to give away an Antique item, go to Denvort, and enjoy a cup of coffee there.

Best Shopping Places #5: India. 

If you are in Delhi and holidays are coming, this is the perfect spot to shop. Go to Paharhanj Market and you will find perfumes, pashminas and jewelry. If your intention is to get the best gift for your brother who is a chef, visit the Khari Baoli and you will get all kind of spices and you can also grab some delicious food while you rest of all the shopping. Remember when you are bargaining and the Indians move their heads from side to side, they mean YES, it is the same gesture that Westerners use to say NO. Very confusing, folks!

Best Shopping Places #6: Portugal.

You are in Lisbon and ready to shop. In Baixa you will find tailors and traditional clothing stores that coexist with the souvenir shops. In Rua Augusta you will also find the well established fashion chains. If you visit Chiado, you can find some of the most traditional bookstores in Lisbon. Armazidos do Chiado is a small shopping center in the area and it has many restaurants also. If you are eating in a restaurant there, don’t order salt or peppers. It is an insult to the chef.

Best Shopping Places #7: Germany.

When you are in Berlin, you have endless options to go shopping. You can get an Ampelmann which is a silhouette representing a man with a hat typical of traffic lights and it is very popular. If you like markets, you must go to one of the Antikmärkte and find furniture, clothes, military costumes, weapons, and other objects of greater value by their antiquity. There are also the Kunstmarkt, which are markets for art and crafts, with stalls tended by the creators themselves. If you want to buy Christmas gifts, from the beginning of November there are several Christmas markets that are located in the main squares and streets of the cities. You can get ornaments, souvenirs, utensils, dolls, Santa Claus, angels and sweets accompanied by music, shows, food and drinks typical for this time of year. Also the wooden figurines of the Erzgebirge are in these markets, as they are designed to decorate the tree.

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