The 10 Most Visited Cities in 2016 in the World

The 10 Most Visited Cities in 2016 in the World

Every year Mastercard is conducting a study about the most visited cities in the world. Among airline ticket sales and souvenir purchases, overnight stays is one of the important variables deciding which city has been the most visited in 2016. Check out the list below:


The 10 Most visited Cities in the World in 2016

1. Bangkok, Thailand: Number of overnight visitors: 21.47 million

2. London, UK: Number of overnight visitors: 19.88 million

3. Paris, France: Number of overnight visitors: 18.03 million


4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Number of overnight visitors: 15.27 million


5. New York, United States of America: Number of overnight visitors: 12.75 million


6. Singapore: Number of overnight visitors: 12.11 million


7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Number of overnight visitors: 12.02 million


8. Istanbul, Turkey: Number of overnight visitors: 11.95 million


9. Tokyo, Japan: Number of overnight visitors: 11.7 million


10. Seoul, South Korea: Number of overnight visitors: 10.02 million


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