Travelling to Helsinki

Travelling to Helsinki

Helsinki, the daughter of the Baltic.

The historic centre of Helsinki develops from the Senate Square that already existed in the seventeenth century, around it we find the civic center with the City Hall, the church and the cemetery of the city. The Senate Square is neoclassical, dominated by four buildings built in the period 1822 and 1852, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the main building of the University and the National Library. The whole of the civic centre was designed by the architect Carl Ludwig Engel, of Prussian origin, author of the plans of the Helsinki centre, which had to be entirely reconstructed after the voracious fire in 1808 that destroyed the city.

The iconical district of Helsinki is the one in the south of the Senate Square, where for centuries the economic and social activity of the Finnish capital was concentrated. In Aleksanterinkatu and Unioninkatu streets you can appreciate authentic reindeer skin and bone handicrafts, as well as the most modern restaurants and cafés.

Helsinki, a synonym for medieval history.

Travelling to Helsinki means visiting Temppeliaukion Church or The Church on the Rock as it is also known, one of the most important sites in Helsinki. Its spectacular circular shape, its suspended dome that lets in the light, on sunny days gives us an incredible effect, its amazing acoustics makes it an exceptional place for concerts. Uspenski Cathedral, in the Katajanokka district of 1868, is the largest orthodox church in Europe. A beautiful building with red bricks and golden domes, one of the most emblematic constructions of the Russian domination. Helsinki Cathedral, a neoclassical Lutheran Church, dates from 1830, one of the most famous buildings in Helsinki and Finland, north of the Senate Square and is of imposing style.

The Presidential Palace, became the residence of the presidents, after independence, dates from 1820, located in the district Meilahti, had been remodeled later by the Tsar of Russia. The Palace of Finland, (Finlandiatalo), the best of modern architecture, in this symbolic building, were signed the Helsinki Agreements in 1975, built on the banks of Töölö Bay and serves as a stage for concerts and conferences.

The City Museum more than 450 years of history of Helsinki and the Street Museum, with its beautiful furniture from the late eighteenth century to 1930. The cinematheque, where every morning documentaries about the history of the city are shown. Museum of Contemporary Art was inaugurated in 1998 and built by the American architect Steven Holl, who deserves an exclusive visit for his architectural and futuristic design. Its roof designed in zinc, titanium and copper, its walls in red brass and glass. This 5-story museum houses an important contemporary art collection of more than 4,000 works from the 1960s to the present day. Ateneum, Museum of Fine Arts in the heart of Helsinki, this museum presents the essentials of Finnish art, with a collection that covers works from the eighteenth century to the decade of 1960.

Sederholm Talo Mansion, the oldest in the capital of the year 1757 made entirely of stone, belonged to Johan Sederholm, a famous merchant, being the only building that survived the fire of 1808. Temporary and travelling exhibitions are organised here. The area is the most popular and world famous of the old Helsinki; the Great Market Square, the place where local and traditional products are sold in addition to native crafts of the country. Here we find the emblematic bronze fountain Havis Amanda, brought from Paris in 1906 which symbolizes the birth of the city that emerged from the sea, as well as the residence of the President of Finland and the port of ferries that go to the sea fortress on the island Suomenlinna.

The old Covered Market of the south dock, one of the obligatory places of meeting of the lovers of the good food of Helsinki from year 1.889 and more frequented by the tourists who decide to Travel to Helsinki.

A city full of modernity

The Parque de la Explanada, is a place of walk that for the. The Espan Lava Park, one of the spaces most visited by young people, is something like a music module, which during the summer develops its main activity. The Sibelius Park, between Merikannontie and Mechelininkatu streets, on the seashore, in homage to the great symphonic composer Jean Sibelius. This monument consists of 580 steel tubes that whistle when the wind blows creating an amazing and unique sound that you can enjoy while travelling to Helsinki.

The Design District, delight for the design fans of the Scandinavian region, more than 170 spaces congregate the most select fashion Chic and Nueva Onda, where you will find decoration shops, designers, architecture studios, galleries, advertising agencies and design. In this neighborhood you will find the famous Finnish Design Forum, a site of unmissable exhibitions.

The island of Seurasaari can be reached in just 15 minutes, an ideal walk through the different regions of Finland. A museum that recreates the Finnish habitat; farms, churches and mills; where also the Hellskinenses celebrate their folkloric celebrations and celebrations like the one of San Juan. The Marine Fortress, on the island Suomenlinna, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This European military fortress dates back to the 18th century, when Finland belonged to Sweden to face Russia. A very cozy walk that takes us back in time through its streets and picturesque wooden houses. In addition to being able to sunbathe on its beaches.

Luostarinmäki a sector that was saved from a fire, perhaps because it was at the edge of the sea, remained the same as it was in the year 1827. Its crafts and craftsmen form an important part of the country. In 1984 it received the precious award of the tourist industry (Golden Apple).

Gastronomy and drinks in Helsinki; typical and on time.

Life in Helsinki

We can enjoy good and typical lunches, with a service called "Lounas" that concentrates many workers, although in these same restaurants they offer their menu a la carte at dinner time. In the university cities including Helsinki you can find restaurants that fit your budget. Finland offers a great variety of typical food, with excellent menus loaded with fat at the coldest time of the year. Fish in all its preparation options, roasted, smoked, marinated and stewed. In the most luxurious restaurants reindeer meat in dry slices is the order of the day. In addition to pizzas and hamburgers of the best known chains.

The nightlife of Helsinki, especially in the summer, is developed in the center and in the coastal area, young people, quiet modern bars, lots of music and atmosphere, large shopping malls, as well as stores of major international brands are located in the city center, but to buy at affordable prices and typical crafts such as Lapland, you should visit the Market Square or Esplanadi Avenue where you will find utensils and objects for the home, with style and very good taste. Other offers in Kaartinkaupunki and the Market of Hakaniemi, in Kallio.

Finland is a good destination to drink a sparkling and refreshing beer that according to that go from I to IV. Where the popular beer I is almost non-alcoholic beer is the I and the IV very strong, in the shops of the State "Alko" and in the restaurants authorized for the sale of alcohol. The 'Alko' sell other alcoholic beverages to the elderly, and the Finns prefer vodka as their national drink. As for wine, they prefer wine from Third World countries. In the most elegant restaurants it is expensive but in normal restaurants, bars and cafes we can have a good glass of wine. The Finns drink a lot of coffee, especially the coffee (Kahvi) in the best American style, diluted but in Helsinki are very fashionable Viennese style coffees and is served very good Express coffee or cappuccinos.

Helsinki is a wonderful destination to vacation with the family, enjoy a country vacation and adventure or winter, sledding and skiing on its white snow.

The city of Helsinki, with its islands and surroundings invite you to a vacation of absolute peace, as the Finns boast of being perfect, which gives you a feeling of being in your place of origin and a reason to travel to Helsinki.


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