Find out how My WebSpot may improve your next trip to San Luis de Potosí

Find out how My WebSpot may improve your next trip to San Luis de Potosí

He was Northern, athletic, tall, sensitive and beautiful guy. He dreamed of become a boxer. His name was Plutarco and he was the forbidden object of affection of an Irish artist: Edward. This European genius looked for the cure for the insidious illness that was corroding the body of his beautiful lover. The Parkinson won the battle, but Edward left one awesome proof of his secret love in San Luis de Potosí. You have arrived to Mexico with your bae and you want to know more about this love story. Then you must acquire the best technology to optimize your trip. In order to achieve that, you have to discover what My WebSpot Mexico can do for your crossing to Aztec lands.

In this order, when you are making trips preparations, we usually focus on the lodging, transportation, and places to know. We take for granted the telecommunications and we don’t prepare for them. In these lines we will tell you how you can prepare your trip to the magic San Luis de Potosí. My Webspot Mexico will help you out.

What can My Webspot do to improve your trip to Mexico?

Arriving at the town of Xilitla and entering to the Surrealistic Sculptural Garden of Edward James must be an extraterrestrial experience. Admiring orchids, waterfalls and the Plutarco’s Seven Deadly Sins are activities that you won’t want to lose in Mexico. Maybe you will want to be connected to home or work while you are travelling. For that reason My Webspot Mexico offers a pocket WiFi. This is a small wireless network router that connects to the internet through the 4G mobile network. You can link six devices at the same time and it serves to receive and send emails. You can also use applications to guide yourself, manage social networks; in short, everything you need from the internet.

You may find yourself doing a geological study about the Mantetzuelel caves. You are looking for the meaning of life in the Huasteco teenager’s back. No matter what, you can be connected. The pocket WiFi of My Webspot Mexico is a tool that will make easy the work out of home. Besides it is prepaid so you will not be surprised, you also can receive it where and when you want it. So you can pray calm in the San Pedro’s church.

Why renting a pocket WiFi if there are so many free WiFi spots?

You are surely thinking right now this: “Why am I going to spend money renting a network router if there are so many places which have free WiFi?” Oh dear traveller! Keep reading please. You are finally at the wonderful Huasteca Potosina and you are preparing yourself to make an expedition to the Swallows Cave. You have your professional camera ready to capture some gorgeous swifts and fierce spiders. Right at the beginning of the descent your boss back home calls you. He wants you to send him that heavy report immediately. I think you have to abandon your descending adventure and get back to the Ciudad de Valles to looking for a place with free WiFi. Bye bye spiders!

Precisely comfort is a powerful benefit of the pocket WiFi that My Webspot Mexico offers. When you don’t need a third person to get access to the internet, you are freer. We already know the most precious asset of a traveller is time. So when you acquire a pocket WiFi you won’t go all around San Luis like crazy, looking for free WiFi spots. You will go around the town only to get some delicious bocoles.

You must know those free WiFi spots are so slow and heavy because they receive less maintenance. Remember they are for free. So if the report you have to send to your boss has multimedia files, get ready for spend days to send it. Bye bye monolith of Tamtok! And don’t forget that most of those places that provides free WiFi, they also demand a minimum of consumption in order to give you the WiFi password. Definitely it is not a good idea.

Likewise you must consider your data protection. Free WiFi usually attracts cyber criminals. They are on the lookout and ready to steal information of interest, like bank data. Nowadays, every traveller needs to perform banking operations, electronic payments and others. So the use of those free networks could violate the security of your data. You won’t want to ruin your romantic dinner at La Corriente, when you find out that your bank account was illegally emptied. The pocket WiFi is the perfect solution.

Why not keeping the international plans of your local telephone company?

You are probably thinking this: “I won’t complicate myself. I will keep the international plan that my telephone company provides” You can do that. Every telephone company offers international plans. But wouldn’t you prefer spend that money buying tons of chocolates at Constanzo, for your beloved ones and many more? Yes. Contracting the international plans with your local company is very expensive.

Regarding this, it is important you consider that hire an international plan with your company is expensive due the roaming. That happens because your telephone company must contract with companies in Mexico in order you have the service. In this way you are paying to many companies. Of course that is very expensive! I know you prefer to eliminate the intermediary and eating tons of walnuts with cinnamon from San Luis.

Renting a pocket WiFi like the one offered by My Webspot Mexico is not only comfy; it is cheaper than international roaming. Just take a look at its website. Choose a device, indicate destiny, days of use and choose a place where you want to receive it. Pay with your international credit or debit card, or through PayPal or Stripe and that’s all. Enjoy San Luis de Potosí without worrying about trifles!

So don’t wait any longer. Rent the pocket WiFi from My Webspot Mexico, immerse yourself in the Micos waterfalls and fall in love in Edward and Plutarco’s garden. Descend into the endless abyss of the swallows. Climb the slop of repentant and adopt a beautiful dog xoloitzcuintle. Then tell us why is Mexico so beautiful and dear.




*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.