What Is The Best Mobile Internet Solution?

What Is The Best Mobile Internet Solution?

Nowadays being connected to the internet is a very important aspect of our life. Work, relationships and many other issues can depend on the reliability and speed of our connection to the network. So having mobile internet can be quite useful and many times, even necessary.

Imagine being in Germany, drinking a delicious beer in the village of Sasbachwalden. You want to share that one moment with your loved ones at home, with a video call. You don't have internet. It's annoying, isn't it? With mobile internet, your mother would have known a bit of the mythical Black Forest.

That's why we're going to tell you what your options are to get the best mobile internet solution while you travel. So you can share every minute of your fantastic journeys around the world, dear pilgrim.

Know a little about mobile internet

The mobile web is an internet service accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones, charts and laptops.

In this order and direction, the referred service acts through a mobile or wireless network. In this way it does not depend on cables to obtain the connection, therefore it allows the free movement of the user and his equipment.

In this way, originally the access to Internet is carried out through the services of fixed line in laptops or desktop computers. This implies the use of a cable that literally condemns these devices to stay in a certain place.

Nowadays, the use of the mobile internet is more demanded than the fixed internet. This is based on the technological advances that have allowed the creation of many devices that depend on the mobile network for their operation. As tables, clocks, WiFi pockets, smart phones among others.

Equally the speeds in the access to the network that such novel devices possess, increase the attractiveness of their use. In addition to the compact size of the devices and the countless existing applications, it seems that there are few who prefer to have a fixed Internet connection.

In fact, Cisco Systems forecasts that by 2021, there will be more than 5.5 billion mobile Internet users. Considering that in 2016 there were 4.9 billion users. Similarly, the company predicts an increase of up to three times the current speed. Know then, your options.

SIM cards

This is the most used and popular option to get mobile internet. The SIM is a tiny card that is inserted into smart phones, tables or laptops.

In this sense, the card has a unique subscription number that allows its user the mobile internet connection. This service is provided by a telecommunications company previously chosen by the customer.

In this way, the customer chooses whether he wants a prepaid or postpaid mobile internet service through the various plans offered by the companies.

However, the SIM have the advantage that apart from providing the Internet service, can provide the telephone service.

Then you will find several SIM that are only used to have Internet or to make and receive calls and messages. But you will also find SIM cards that provide all the above and even with unlimited mobile internet. It all depends on the company you choose and the plan you offer.

On the other hand, the noticeable disadvantage of SIMs affects international travelers. Because the SIM works in a certain area, if you need to get out of it, you must purchase a card that works in the destination area.

Consequently, the telephone number will be a different one from the original one, a matter that many travellers do not seem to like very much. However, if you have a dual phone, you can use both SIMs.

Free WiFi Points

This is the Internet user's lifeline par excellence. Imagine this. You are doing research on the flow of immigrants in Barcelona. You have made a podcast in the grim and imposing library La Sagrera- Marina Clotet. Your data plan is over. But you don't suffer because the library has free WiFi.

This scenario is repeated with its variants, millions of times, every day with millions of people. Free WiFi hotspots are an excellent option to get us out of a lot of trouble.

However, the problem with these points is precisely freedom. If you're in the artistic Florence honeymoon, you don't want to be static in a place to check your social networks. You need freedom of movement, which a free WiFi signal won't give you.

Pocket WiFi

The MiFi, or mobile internet modem, is the newest and most demanded option to have internet everywhere.

Pocket WiFi is a small device, the size of a smartphone. This device transmits the Internet signal to a radius of approximately 10 to 20 meters to several devices at once.

In other words, if you are on an excursion with your family, in the beautiful rice fields of Vietnam, everyone will be able to be connected to the network. It's a great way to stay connected and it's also cheaper because you have the option of dividing the expenses among the people who enjoy the service.

Therefore, this access to the network can be done through several companies that offer prepaid or postpaid mobile WiFi. It all depends on the plan chosen, but you should know that if you choose a prepaid WiFi, you always have the option of recharging your balance.

One thing to remember is that these pocket routers can be bought and rented. They work thanks to a SIM card that will give you coverage according to the chosen plan.

For this reason, if you have already purchased the MiFi, you must purchase the SIM card that works where you will use it.

Meet some of the pocket routers

Nowadays, variety is the key word in the market. You'll find lots of mobile WiFi of different brands, prices and capacities.

So if you want to buy one instead of renting it, here are the best options on the market.

TP-LINK is a MiFi, which fits in the palm of your hand (75mm x 85mm) and shares a 3G connection. Its maximum speed is 150MB and it has a built-in power supply, so it doesn't have the typical cable and adapter. It also has a USB port for connecting storage devices, which also works for charging other devices such as cell phones and tables.

Huawei's R208 mobile router has a 4G connection with an autonomous battery life of 5 hours. It can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and has 64GB of storage. While the D-Link DWR-730, has among other things a beautiful LCD screen that informs you the status of the network.

As you can see, the telecommunications market is quite wide and varied. All you have to do is find the option that best suits your needs and choose it. All these devices can be ordered and paid for online. So you don't need to move from home to enjoy the benefits of mobile internet.

Our recommendation for mobile internet

If you decide to rent, My Webspot offers a small device that transmits WiFi, up to 15 meters around it, in which you can connect up to five devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) at a time.

Pocket WiFi rental will allow you to get 4G LTE and unlimited data with a fair usage of 1GB per day. Among all the options, this is the only way you can surf the Internet quickly and long.

In this respect, this device works with a SIM card that will work in the chosen geographical areas. For example, if you are travelling to Rome, you will be offered a plan for Italy. However, if you want to travel through several countries on the same continent, such as Argentina, Chile and Colombia, you can get a special package that covers these destinations. The variety of proposals is the order of the day.

Finally we will arrive at the day (like Huxley's novel) where perhaps it is not necessary the mobile internet to communicate. Maybe we will have chips implanted in our body to receive the WiFi signal or maybe the access to internet is as public and common as the air we breathe.

The truth is that here and now, it is undeniable that the need to connect drives and motivates us. Not only to develop technologies to feel even closer. It also makes us design new ways of connection that in the end, helps us to feel accompanied in this unusual universe.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.