Happy Hangouts Around The World

Happy Hangouts Around The World

Somebody once said the joy of life is always having something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. What a wise words, but don’t let anybody tells you what happiness is, you are the only who really knows. Meanwhile we can provide you a list of hangouts where many people were very happy then you can try and tell us if you agree with them.


Washington and New York has this huge center of education and research called The Smithsonian’s. It also has a chain of museums which explore topics like art, History, Air and Space among others. If a museum doesn’t sound attractive to you, the activities that offer this institute are very fun like art class, science class, expeditions, exhibitions and lectures of all kind, the magic about this place is that no matter how old you are, you will love to be there and one day is not enough for it. Did you know that the Smithsonian’s has kept of an incredibly large collection of artifacts and specimens which the public are not allowed to see?


Walt Disney knew it and made this wonderful world where fun has not age and dreams definitely come true. Hundreds of thematic parks, hotels, restaurants, aquatic parks and more make the fabulous world that Walt imagined. Not only the little ones have fun here, the big ones can appreciate the spectacular landscape, the amazing games and all the adventures that Disney World have for all and if you have the money (tons of it) you can join the super-secret and infamous Club 33, with only 487 members and 14 year waiting list. Rumors say there are special attractions, bars and restaurants for members only.

Happy Hangouts #3. THE REAL WONDERLAND

A playful Alicia, with the mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat are there. Among hundreds of big trees, spectacular lagoons, a castle, a zoo, waterfalls, conservatory garden, the Shakespeare’s garden, this impossible to be sad here. The Central Park is a wonderful space in the heart of Manhattan and there are several activities to enjoy here, like running, walking, biking, skating, have a delicious picnic, reading, chilling and eating (best hot dogs ever). You can also enjoy of one of the many events that take place here, like music festivals, theatre player, film projections, and more. This is perfect for who are hunger of art and music. If you go with your honey, make sure to have a seat on the whispers bench and tell what you feel.

Happy Hangouts #4. THE HAPPIER?

This is the land of the happiest people of the entire world. Norway has everything to make happy to anybody. Spectaculars landscapes, like mountains and glaciers, a modern architecture and design; imposing museum, one old and bizarre wood church; The Munch Museum, The Vigeland Sculptures Park are some of the Viking’s hotspot. Please don’t miss The Ice Bar so you can play Drunk football.

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Happy Hangouts #5. GEYSER AND ELVS?

Geyser is a spring with intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam. Iceland is a truly charming land of geysers. Besides its blow minding landscapes, its blue lagoon and natural hot waters that will certainly rip a smile from you, you will feel safe and overwhelmed. Make sure to visit Thorsmok Valley, The Golden Circle and fall in love while you admire the boreal auras with the friendly elf.

Happy Hangouts #6. BEER OR NO TO BEER

Your crazy friends throw in your honor a party and it was so great that a festival was created. Yes, that was how was born the Munich Oktoberfest. A parade of beautiful people, delicious food, awesome spectacles and tasty beers take place every year and make Germany a kind of international host. The Viktualienmarket is a must go, like the beautiful green Englischergarten and go wild in the Park Café. Smiles are guarantee.

Happy Hangouts #7. IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE

Yes, the Italians are very relaxed, kind and warm people. They decided that pleasure is the main motor. So in order to do my work efficient, I am going to eat all this delicious pizza and gelato and I am going to sleep one entire day. So are they. They seem happy. So don’t miss the Florence experience, go visit the Uffizzi Gallery and buy olive oil in Piazza della Signora.

Happy Hangouts #8. VIVA LA FRANCE!

Nantes is definitely an artistic city. Not popular and loud like Paris, but funnier and quieter. So many castles to go, the bar La Cigale, The Julio Verne Museum; The L´Ile Machines and The Pommeraye Passage,  places absolutely gorgeous to enjoy an fall in love.

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