Europe: 6 must-see cities, focus on the richness of Europe's heritage.

Europe: 6 must-see cities, focus on the richness of Europe's heritage.

In the spotlight all over the world, Europe is currently playing its four-year tournament: UEFA EURO, the cradle of the most beautiful legends of this international sport. In honour of this event, My Webspot wanted to list the 6 cities not to be missed in Europe if you want to embark on an itinerant trip on European soil. Europe: 6 essential cities.


Europe: 6 must-see cities, directory of the traveller conquering Europe

Berlin, Germany


Berlin, the true heart of European history today, has been the meeting place for many conflicts and the ideal pretext for Russian and American forces to confront each other for more than 40 years. Separated between the GDR and the FRG, Berlin is the sanctuary of a post-devastated Europe, whose relics of the Berlin Wall still trace a painful past. Today, considered one of Europe's capitals, Berlin is one of the most attractive cities on the continent: its heritage, its calm, its modernity and its picturesque corners give this city an incomparable charm. From the island to the museums to the immense Holocaust Mahnmal, or Holocaust Memorial, Berlin offers you a journey that is both modern and very respectful of its history. Discover the unusual journey of Berlin by My Webspot: HERE.

London, United Kingdom


Cradle of royalty, industry, the first governmental advances in history and a true international identity, London is not only a major European city, but above all one of the world's leading centres. Supervised by the imposing Big Ben, London is the economic centre of Europe, but also the cultural centre. You can visit Buckingham Palace, admire the grandeur of shopping avenues such as Knightsbridge, home to the huge Harrods shopping centre. Enjoy a panoramic view of the city via the London Eye before crossing the famous Tower Bridge and starting your visit to the British Museum. In the middle of the red coaches and steering wheels on the right, adapt to a very special "So British" spirit.

Stockholm, Sweden


This picturesque city in southern Sweden is surrounded by rivers and streams that form an archipelago of more than 30,000 islets of all sizes. Immerse yourself in the Swedish charm of boat trips in the middle of the city, or the crossing of the many bridges separating the old from the new Stockholm. A nest of serenity where night never falls in summer, the Swedish capital is sure to seduce you with its colourful architecture and its many lakes where you can try your hand at boating without a licence, water skiing or even ice skating in winter. Of course, don't forget to walk along the banks of Stockholm to the Royal Palace to admire the soldiers' march and the majesty of the place. One last tip: think about leaving the city for a day or two to admire Sweden's unique countryside and archipelago, a real touch of the country's charm.

Paris, France


The city of love, the City of Light, the height of romanticism... So many qualifiers define the most visited and beautiful city in the world. And for good reason, if Haussmann architecture alone is the capital's signature identity, its many monuments make Paris the home of an incredibly vast heritage. The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Catacombs, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Pont des Arts and the Place de la République are all places of memory, reflection and honour in the history of France. In addition to the many shopping streets and the immense variety of ready-to-wear that you will find in the City of Light, it is also full of original activities whose richness varies from one borough to another and offers you a variety of emotions and landscapes that are typically Parisian. Discover the exact description of the 10 must-see activities: HERE.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


A city of all excesses, of all freedoms, a paradise of lust and originality, Amsterdam is also paradoxically the apogee of calm and serenity. Its 11 districts abound in a variety of landscapes and offer tourists a truly ethnically rich cultural journey. The city by bike also offers a wide scientific and artistic heritage at the Felix Meritis Museum, or European Centre for Arts and Sciences, and many shopping avenues hide real antique treasures. A crossroads of civilizations, this city promises you an adventure rich in memories and discovery, where each street has its own charm, and where the opposition of the lives of day and night perfectly complement each other to offer you a journey rich in emotion.

Rome, Italy


Cradle of Renaissance Art and a place of worship for artists from all over the world, Rome is the city not to be missed for lovers of history, romance and architecture. You will discover all the richness of Italian gastronomy and can try the spirituality of the coin throwers in the fountains of the capital, especially in the famous Trevi fountain. The Colosseum and the Pantheon offer you a total immersion in the history of the Roman Empire, and open you to the Roman culture founded by the son of the She-wolf, Romus. Also take advantage of the districts of Campo de'Fiori or Via Veneto for a well-deserved shopping cure before admiring the beauty of the architectural homogeneity of 28 centuries of history. Historically and culturally speaking, Rome is truly the most intact and symbolic city in Europe.

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