Travel Expenses: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Foreign Expenses

Travel Expenses: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Foreign Expenses

Holidays are always a special time, something we all expect. They allow us to relax and leave our routine and problems behind. However, travel can be expensive, especially if you don't do it in advance. No matter where you go, a few tips can help you limit your expenses without having to make sacrifices. Read this guide to find out how you can save on your travel expenses.         

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Our 10 point guide to get rid of unnecessary costs:

1. Be flexible

If you travel with your family or friends, an unexpected event can quickly become expensive in terms of reservations. Try to find indirect flights, or early or during the week, rather than on weekends. This can save you hundreds of dollars per person.

For the best rates, check out the price comparators!


2. Travel out of season

Visiting the largest European cities such as London, Paris, Rome, Venice or Berlin can be very expensive in summer. The European Schools all have holidays between June and August, which explains this price increase. The Australian high season is between November and April.

Check the high seasons of your destinations before booking.


3. Travel at night

If you don't have a light sleep and you don't mind spending the night on the plane or train, do it. Not only are the tickets cheaper, but you will also save two nights in a hotel.

Some night trains and buses also have more spacious and comfortable seats.


4. Take your food with you

Especially when you wait at the airport or train station, the temptation of the cafeteria can be difficult to resist

However, food and beverages will always be exorbitantly expensive.

Take it in advance and plan your meals.

5. Avoid exchange offices

Without a doubt, changing money in a local exchange office will always put you at a disadvantage compared to vending machines. Make sure you do not accept the exchange rate recommended by the distributor, as on some Asian distributors, in order to save a few dollars. Having a little cash on you when you arrive is always a plus, whether it's to pay for your accommodation or simply the time to find a distributor.

6. Take a travel credit card

By purchasing a travel credit card, you will receive many benefits. Most of the time, you will get better seats on planes or discounts if you pay with this card. In addition, beyond certain levels, you will get really interesting rewards, such as free flights.

7. Book in off-channel hotels

Hotels of large chains can be up to 50% more expensive just for the brand. Our advice is to find a local hotel that will have the same standards, but that will allow you to save on your travel expenses. And rather than referring to the stars of hotels, look at the opinions of other travellers to get an idea of comfort, cleanliness and value for money.

8. Avoid hotel breakfast

If breakfast is not included in your accommodation, take it to a local bakery. You will save time and money, with continental breakfasts going up to $50 per person in Europe.

9. Find good deals on the internet

Try to find online offers on to find cash-back, coupon and discount sites. These sites have increased in number over the past five years, which means they also have better offers and promotions. This will save you money, in addition to the queue time at the various ticket offices.

10. Avoid roaming charges

Going far while staying connected is no longer difficult and expensive these days. On the other hand, public WiFi connections will most of the time be slow, unstable and sometimes dangerous. In addition, roaming charges can reach $5 per MB. That's why we recommend renting a WIFI Pocket PC before your trip. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and allows you to connect up to ten devices simultaneously to a high-speed mobile connection. You will always have the best available throughput thanks to agreements with the largest operators. You can enjoy unlimited internet, with 1GB of 4G offered per day. Don't forget to book! Reduce your travel expenses with My Webspot.

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