Things to do in Dublin

Things to do in Dublin

The capital of Ireland is a small city that holds many surprises. What happens when you arrive in a new and unknown city? Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what to do. My Webspot is the perfect companion, helping you to discover the city with the comfort of being connected, to look up restaurants and things to do. What about Dublin? This article, Things to do in Dublin, will help you! Here are some tips & addresses so you’ll enjoy your stay.

Things to do in Dublin: the historic city

Old stone lovers will be served in Dublin. First, you can visit the castle. Built during the XII° century, this building had numerous functions. Nowadays it’s a museum but, the castle has been the place of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's home for a long time.

You can find two cathedrals in Dublin, Christ Church and St Patrick. The first is the oldest, and it has been built between the XI° and the XII° century. It’s an Anglican cathedral. Saint Patrick was built in the Middle-Age too, during the XIII° century. It’s the seat of the Anglican Church. These foundations are built on the ruins of the church where St. Patrick baptized the first Christians of Ireland.

Finally, we advise to you to go to the Kilmainham Gaol. This former prison (1796-1924), is a place that traces the Irish War of Independence.

Museums in Dublin

The National Gallery of Ireland is a museum that is free all year. Founded in 1854, it opened its doors in 1864. It possesses a collection of more than 14,000 works of art. There, you will find works by Irish artists including Jack Yeats. There are also other works of the Italian baroque or great Dutch masters, like The Taking of Christ by Caravaggio, or A lady writing a letter and her maid by Vermeer.

If you are looking for more entertainment, go to the National Leprechaun Museum. Opened in 2010, this is the only museum in the world dedicated to leprechauns. Leprechauns are imaginary creatures belonging to the Irish folklore. They are often represented as old men with small beards, wearing hats and dressed in red or green. This museum immerses you in the Irish culture.

We also advise you to take a ride to St. Stephen Green, which is a beautiful park opened to the public since 1880.

To go out in Dublin

The Church Bar & Restaurant, it’s a pub in an old church, St. Mary, built in the 18th century. In this unusual place, you can eat and, later in the night, you can dance.

The Dawson Lounge, the smallest pub in Dublin, we advise you to check it out. If you do not like promiscuity, avoided that place. Otherwise it is a very festive place where you will make wonderful encounters.

Finally, you have to go to the Temple Bar. It is one of the most famous places in Dublin. It is a very busy place of Dubliners, ideal to soak up the local atmosphere.

Things to do in Dublin: for Alcohol-amateurs

Ireland is well known for its beer and whiskey. It would be a shame not to learn more about these two specialities. We suggest you to enjoy these beverages with moderation.

For beer, we advise to you the The Guinness Storehouse, located at St. James Gate Brewery. The former distillery now serves as a museum, which traces the history of Guinness in a fun way. The tour ends with a free tasting of a pint of Guinness at the top of the factory. Here you can enjoy your beer in addition to a beautiful view of the city of Dublin.

Jameson Distillery, located in Dublin, is a small museum dedicated to the production of this great label. You will discover all the subtleties of this whiskey, which is part of the most sold in the world!

We hope you will enjoy your stay, and that our Things to do in Dublin helped you.


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