12 Underrated Attractions You Should Visit Instead Of The Usual Ones In Spain

12 Underrated Attractions You Should Visit Instead Of The Usual Ones In Spain

Your vacation finally arrived. You have your airplane ticket in one hand and your suitcase in the other and you have chosen one of the most beautiful places in the whole earth: Spain. You feel energetic, adventurous and you don’t want to waste your precious time having a conventional holiday, staying in a conventional hotel, having a conventional tour, taking a conventional photo and eating conventional food. You have decided to get out your comfort zone and now you don’t know what to do. The answer couldn’t be simpler; here you have 12 enigmatic and underrated attractions that deserve your attention to reach for in the Don Quixote country.

1. Zafra Castle, Guadalajara

If you are feeling fierce like Jon Snow or powerful like Daenerys Targaryen, you must come to this beautiful 12th century castle that was built on a huge
rock and it has been served like location to the famous television show Game of Thrones. It has a gothic style and hard access and it hosted over 5000 men in its time of glory. Rumors say that the base rock has big caves and tunnels for hiding food and weapons.

2. Meander of Melero, Cáceres

Are you an outdoors type and love hiking? This natural monument is the limit between Caceres and Salamanca. This spot offers you a gorgeous view and you may be able to appreciate the Alagon River and enjoy of a natural pool in hot summer days. You may get there in a car or walking and have a nice time having a cool beer at the bars around. Bring your sunscreen.

3. Canary Island

Do you consider yourself as the lost son of Poseidon? Yes, you do. You love the ocean so you must try diving in Lanzarote. It has a nice climate and a spectacular flora and fauna. This island offers you endless aquatic activities and imposing volcanoes that you must go to visit. The Reef Carnival is also one of the most fun to go in the entire world.

4. Hayedo of Otzarreta, Biscay 

As taken from a brothers Grimm tale, this magical wood protects many enormous trees with sturdy trunks and strong roots. There are nearby cabins and you can watch squirrels, deer and birds… Even horses. This is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying fresh air. You may be luck enough and find misleading nymph or a playful elf. This is a place for let the imagination fly.

5. Caballo Lighthouse, Cantabria

This peculiar lighthouse belongs to the underrated attractions. It is settled on 78ft above sea level and it was abandoned in the early ninetieth century. You will be able to appreciate this beautiful human creation and watch a spectacular turquoise sea. Perhaps you may dig in as the Napoleon troops did.

6. Granadilla Castle, Caceres

If you like medieval architecture and you love royalty; this castle will be a banquet for your eyes. The Granadilla Castle is slender, elegant and has a tower where you can see the Gabriel and Galan reservoir that threatened to flood the village in the sixties and its residents were evicted. That flood never happened though and nowadays it is a ghost town.


7. Beget Town, Catalonia

All the houses are made of stone, it has 3 neighborhoods separated for streams and linked for two bridges. One of them is the Beget Bridged that connects with France. If you love solitude this town is perfect for you because it has a population under 50 people. You must visit the Saint Christopher church with its romantic style and meet the Jesus Christ sculpture that turns the face once in a while.

8. Setenil de las Bodegas, Cadiz

This town looks like a huge stone has crushed it. However, it doesn’t matter at all, because it imposes on nature, turning the crush into an original seal. In this town you may visit beautiful churches, curios hermitage and solid bridges. You may also taste its excellent gastronomy and the best bars of the region. Its name came from the resistance of moors.

9. Burgos

If your idol is Ray Bradbury and you are looking for an UFO, maybe in this place you would make contact. Ochate means secret door and it is an abandoned village that keeps vestiges of monuments like Saint Michael Tower and its cemetery.

10. Malaga

This is a pretty city settled on a plateau and the Guadalevin River surrounds it. This gives a panoramic character to the city. The view from Puente Nuevo is mind blowing and the architecture shown in the Arabic bathrooms of Saint Michael is just peaceful.

11. Sallent de Gallego, Aragón

One additional underrated attractions is Sallent de Gallego which is located on the border to France. It is an idyllic village with homes made from stones with in gothic style. You may visit the Paco Bridge and enjoy one of the best gastronomy in the word in the Tena Valley. Another option is to attend the Festival of the southern Pyrenees that brings the best performances together every year.

12. The arches of Juan Duero, Soria

You are a helpless romantic and you keep a copy of a Becquer book on your nightstand, then you can’t get out of Spain without visit the place where Alfonso y Beatriz finally rest. You will find a mysterious church and a large line of spectaculars arches that confirm the beauty of the medieval architecture.

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