Best Beaches In Europe: Reader’s Travel Tips

Best Beaches In Europe: Reader’s Travel Tips

There are millions of people searching for calm beaches, palm trees and a nice, cold cocktail every year. The feeling of being touched by soft sand and listening to the pure wind is just a mesmerizing feeling. When you realize that many of those escapes are around the corner and just a two hours flight away, the dream of spending some days at a beautiful beach is not too far anymore. Check out our top 8 beaches for your next trip!

Beaches #1: Voutoumi beach, Greece

This beach is definitely the summer house of Zeus. It has the clearest water you have ever seen. You can swim there, you can dive, rent a boat, make a cruise, buy some delicious olive oil, and more. Don’t leave without trying the delicious tiropita - so Yummy!

Beaches #2: Sandwood Bay, Scotland

This is a perfect spot for the nature lovers. Far away from any technology, this beach offers the possibility to camp, be quiet and make a deep contact with yourself. It is three hours away of the civilization and it has breathtaking views. Take your equipment for eating, drinking and camping. And here we go.


Beaches #3: Reynisfjara beach, Iceland

This is an amazing black-sand beach. It can be cold, foggy, rainy and shady which makes it unique. When you go there, visit the tiny little pretty church. Try to climb de Reynisfjara Mountain and don’t miss the basalt columns and take a hot bath in a geyser.

Beaches #4: Zlatni Rat beach, Croatia

It is considered as one of the best in the entire world. Sunny and with turquoise waters this place is perfect for chill, swimming and relax. There is golden sand and green pines. If you want to avoid a crowded beach, you should definitely go in low seasons.

Beaches #5: Rabbit beach, Italy


Sicily hides this beautiful beach spot. The truth is you don’t see rabbits there. The beach has the softest sand you have ever seen and it is a really fauna paradise. The sea turtles go there to bring up their babies, so be careful when you walk on the sand. There are many activities to do here, like taking a cruise, snorkeling and diving.

Beaches #6: Jaz beach, Montenegro

Located at the spectacular Adriatic coast, this nudist beach is small and beautiful. You can do many things like rafting in the Tara Canyon. But one of the best thing about this beach are the events that take place here: The Sea Dance Festival and The Grad Theatre City Budva. The city is also very charming.

Beaches #7: Algar de Benagil, Portugal

This hidden beach is a natural cave that is only sunny the first hours of the day. You can access by swimming - we recommend to rent a kayak and bring a water proof camera. Noon is the best time to go. Try the famous bacalao, you are going to love it.

Beaches #8: Saint Giulia beach, France

If you are looking for a place really calm and safe this is your perfect spot. Always sunny, with the whitest sand, quiet waters where you can go sailing and kayaking. Saint Giulia beach has a unique view and magic pure air because it is surrounded by many threes. In this region, you have to salute with two kisses.

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