FINLAND WIFI RENTAL : The best travel option to have internet access and stay connected.

FINLAND WIFI RENTAL : The best travel option to have internet access and stay connected.

Finland is one of the so-called Scandinavian countries whose culture is very particular. Its people are very friendly and its magical landscapes catch us with the green colors of the meadows with the pure white of the snow, which together with the clear blue sky and the bright light of the sun are a spell for tourists who want to spend a few cool days in the light of the bright sun. It makes us think of the images of movies and the famous battles of the Vikings. Many times we have seen the Finnish flag fly in the Olympic Games and also in Formula 1.

So to share and save those moments in this wonderful land of Finland is necessary to have an internet connection for your mobile, which allows you to capture, save and exchange these beautiful experiences.

The mobile wifi options with more possibilities for the traveler and their conditions of use.

We present the technical and cost specifications to give you an idea of the advantages and limitations of the most common Internet access and connectivity services in these areas of Europe and so you can make an objective comparison, in contrast to the wifi rental device Finland that we put at your disposal, which is the best option when you are traveling.


In Europe free wifi coverage is guaranteed in most major cities. In Finland there are also the already popular Cybercafés which are the access points, in addition to most of the hotels and places of public concentration. However, access is limited. Updating of web pages is very slow and can be hung up during a sending or downloading of your files, yet it could be considered as the cheapest alternative to stay connected, but has speed and flow limitations.

A detail with cybercafés that are the most accessible access points to travelers is that in order to make use of their platform you have to generate an expense in consumption within their premises, to be able to obtain the access keys to the wifi. Almost all cities in the European Union are framed in the range of having a high-demand Internet access, which considerably increases the risk of being attacked by hackers through hackers specializing in spying and stealing your personal information, or attacks of malicious programs that are inoculated to infect the software of your mobile, especially in airports and places where many people are concentrated.


The use of the internet network with 3G or 4G technology via "roaming data" or "data roaming" allows you to permanently use the internet network within this country, but it represents among all the most expensive options and, to give you an idea, the rates for data roaming services, or data roaming, are so expensive that they can reach 15 € per MB and only with an average of 100 MB of data consumption per day, and your bills can reach 1500 € per day, not to mention the additional surcharges without notice that they call hidden charges. As you can see, you are subjected to a price clearly much higher than the mobile internet rate of your country.

Finally, the operator, from your first step in the country you decided to visit, begins to hang on your account a telephone bill so high that you will have a bad surprise at the end of the month.


In Finland, many operators offer more affordable prices related to the prepaid SIM card. Adapted to the Finnish network, prepaid cards ensure an Internet connection. However, price competition between different operators has bad effects on the quality of the network.

When you buy a fixed card, you have to subscribe to a new phone number for the duration of your trip. You will not have access to the Internet through your personal data.

On the other hand, by purchasing a prepaid card, you are subject to a connection restriction imposed by your new operator. If this limit is exceeded, you will have access to the Internet only if you separate your fixed package. Your bill will increase each time you use the Internet.

FINLAND WIFI RENTAL: Fast and Unlimited

Renting a pocket or laptop wifi in Finland is the best solution to always stay connected. In Finland the rental of a "portable Wi-Fi" represents the most attractive solution as "value for money". Easy to transport and with a very modest design, it can be transported in the most practical way. Its use allows you to use a very successful network.

Thanks to the proposal of My Webspot, you can consume unlimited Internet, connect within 15m distance around the product, and simultaneously connect up to 10 devices such as; Smartphone, tablets, laptops.

My Webspot proposes an offer of 6.40 € / day. It allows you to get unlimited 4G LTE everywhere in Finland. Not all suppliers offer the 4G LTE with a good data package. That's why our pocket wifi ensures optimal coverage, in order to provide the best portable wifi service with the largest providers, thus getting a stronger signal.


*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.