16 Top Destinations in 2018

16 Top Destinations in 2018

From the beautiful beaches in Honolulu to wonderful winter sports activities in Salzburg, we selected the top destinations in 2018. There is something for everyone! Let us inspire your next holiday with old classics as well as little hidden secrets.

We selected the 16 top destinations in 2018 that you must see!

Langkawi - Malaysia


Langkawi is a little hidden secret that most travelers in South East Asia like to ignore a little bit. It is a fantastic choice which not only has white sand beaches but 3 UNESCO world heritage! Most people never heard of that but it is so worth to check out this place if you some spare time or you want to spend your whole time there during your holiday!


Reykjavik - Iceland


Just the name already places an image of huge ice formations all around the island, which to be fair is not too far away from the reality. But Iceland has far more to offer than just only cold temperatures and glaciers. The biggest reason why every traveler must go there is to observe the fascinating nordic lights and it is only 5 hours from New York by plane!


California - USA


Did you know that California is the coolest place to chill? If you want to see the tallest trees in the world or just walk along the wonderful beaches. Ahh, and how could I forget to mention the iconic Golden Gate Bridge? Either way, California in the USA is definitely a place that every traveler should note down on the travel bucket list.


Khao Lak - Thailand


Khao Lak has fully recovered from the tsunami back in 2004 and is great traveler’s choice for families! With the pleasant resorts and foreigner - friendly scene all around Khao Lak, you definitely will have an unforgettable holiday! You will find a lively atmosphere with local and foreign restaurants & bars with amazing - looking beaches. Khao Lak is just north of Phuket and therefore a bit less crowded than the popular destination Phuket.


Salzburg - Austria


Salzburg is the perfect holiday destination during the winter time. With the beautiful Christmas markets all around the city with great jazz bars showcasing the newest talents from all over the world. Even for sport - fanatic travelers, it is a must-see place as you have easy access to great ski resorts and other winter sports activities. Save bet to put on the list 16 top destinations in 2018.


Montevideo - Uruguay


Hurry before times are changing! Montevideo in Uruguay is rarely seen on travel plans but it is starting to become a must - see place! It is a thriving city famous in the neighboring countries such as Argentina and Brazil for its architecture.


Punta Cana - Dominican Republic


Are you a fan of the deep blue sea combined with resorts that will service you like you have never experienced before? Then Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a place you must set a foot in. Beaches, sun and a surrounding wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else.


Kerala - India


Compelled travelers from all over the world are planning their trip to Kerala in India. It is not the cheapest place to visit in India but it is a culturally, ethnically and geographically amazing place. Filled with the beauty of nature such as rivers, beaches, backwaters, hills and waterfalls, this state is definitely worth to go.


Florida - USA


Ohh yes, Florida is crowded but don’t worry yet. It has some secrets that will still give you reasons to visit it in 2018. Florida has well - preserved historic districts, an international arts and culinary scene as well as the famous white talcum powder sand beaches with the turquoise water.


Tenerife - Spain


320 sunny days per year! That is hardly beaten by any other destination on this list. Not only are you then already in Spain but also very close to hop over to Africa and visit Morocco if you like! Split into two different climate zones, you have a very rich landscape where every inch is worth visiting.


Rome- Italy


Every road leads to Rome and the Vatican if you are there already. Avoid public transportation and just walk around the beautiful city center. It is a historic place where you can discover fascinating architecture wherever your eyes lead you. It is filled with landmarks by old Roman empire.


Porto - Portugal


Foodies and historic - fanatics will love that place! Porto in Portugal is one of the most eclectic destinations to visit in 2018 with neo-gothic interiors at the bookstore and similar architecture. Don’t forget to take a look at one of the leading wine - hotels.


Santorini - Greece


There is simply no other place in the world like Santorini in Greece. From beautiful sunsets to romantic islands or just simply ancient sites. It has everything that any possible heart can desire. You don’t know where to go in 2018 yet? Go see Santorini and you won’t be disappointed!


Honolulu - Hawaii


Surf, sand & sun. What would Hawaii be without it? Whether you like body surfing the waves, snorkeling with fishes that you have never seen before or simply just laying down at the beach. It’s the perfect but remote place that everyone must see once in their lifetime. It deserves a place in the list of our 16 top destinations in 2018.


Bali - Indonesia


More than 17,000 islands are in Indonesia, so which one should you pick? The most famous one all around the world is Bali which does not include that it is crowded. You still find many less crowded places that are perfect for a relaxed family holiday. Experience a lively religious scene with a landscape that you will never ever forget in your life again.


Yosemite National Park - USA


Last but not least, we have a national park on our list. Yosemite is best known for its waterfalls and deep, deep valleys with a vast wilderness area. If you want to fully explore the Yosemite National Park, I recommend taking a guide to see the full beauty of this great national park.

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