16 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World in 2017

16 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World in 2017

You're young, adventurous, like to travel and explore the world. But you do not have sufficient financial resources? Do not worry, it is still possible to travel pretty well and visit exciting countries, sites around the world without spending much money. Travel is an art that brings together knowledge and creativity to enjoy not only a pleasant journey but also at less expense. Travel is an important part in everyone's life in order to enjoy get to know other places, other cultures and other ways of thinking. We will present 16 Affordable Places where you as a young person can travel - even for a small budget. Those sites are incredible and will leave you enchanted. Of course, all of these destinations and prices depend a lot on the style of travel and lifestyle that you want to have. It can range from cheap to very expensive depending on exclusivity of your trip. Keep in mind that the destinations that appear in this list are not geared towards luxury tourism.

Affordable Places #1: Vietnam

Despite increasing numbers of tourists every year, Vietnam is still one of the cheaper destinations on the globe. Just consider that a suite with views to the city of Hoi An, with breakfast, WiFi, parking and access to the spa area included, is available for 50€/night, and a dinner with a drink does not exceed 4€. It makes it tempting to visit!

Affordable Places #2: Thailand

It is one of the cheaper destinations and most visited. From its chaotic capital, Bangkok, to the beaches of Phuket, Phi Phi or Koh Samui, it is difficult not to fall in love with the cheap travel at any time of the year. Bungalows with breakfast included from 3€ per night, or furnished apartments for 15€, next to the excellent street food to less than 1€, making it a site to definitely visit.

Affordable Places #3: Indonesia

With Bali as the main tourist destination, this country consists of hundreds of little islands to visit each day. This is the perfect place for a low cost vacation  The more you move inland, the more the prices will go down. There are very economically feasible  places to visit like Lombok or Sumatra Island. Beyond these destinations the more adventurous travelers can find many areas that are still on the sidelines of the tourism, untouched and enjoyable for an authentic holiday.

Affordable Places #4: India 

India is a country that is very cheap. It has an amazingly diverse culture to discover This country and its people will surprise you every day. Here you can spend as little as can think of. You'll be able to find beds for 2€, but keep in mind that the quality will lack and is not the same as in western countries! The cuisine of India is very tasty and very cheap. You will be able to eat for 2 or 3€ and find many types of sandwiches that cost 0.50 cents.

Affordable Places #5: Bolivia 

If you want to visit South America you can't do it without going to Bolivia. It is one of the cheaper tourist destinations in South America. You can eat for around 3€ and find accommodation for about 12€. Bolivia offers the most amazing places of South America, for example the Titicaca one of the highest lakes in the world.

Affordable Places #6: Peru

One of the most famous places in South America is Peru. The majority of people come to visit Macchu Picchu with its many trails that lead through the highlands of Aguas Calientes, which is not far from Cusco. However, also Lima and Cusco are very worth a visit!

Affordable Places #7: Morocco

It is one of the most interesting countries of North Africa. Try the local tea with the Berbers or ride a camel through the dunes of the desert. It is just some of the things you can do in this country. Its cuisine is highly valued and Marrakesh is a stunning city that you must not miss! This is definitely one of the low-cost holiday destinations that you should keep in mind if you want to visit Africa.

Affordable Places #8: Hungary

Hungary is one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe. You will find low cost flights to visit this wonderful country where you can enjoy the culture of Eastern Europe. Do not forget to drink a strong liquor and take a bath in one of its thermal outdoor pools. Try Hungary with its amazingly cheap attractions!

Affordable Places #9: Argentina

A country known throughout the world for its backpacking routes and incredible gastronomy. This is the country known for its highlands and mountains, the fresh air and spectacular landscapes. In addition, the Argentines are amazing people who will not hesitate to help you.

Affordable Places #10: Greece

The crisis has changed this European country and because of it the price of a holiday went down. Now it is more affordable, with some of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most well known places all over the world for the party is Mykonos. Greece has become the perfect destination for your next vacation.

Affordable Places #11: Ireland

Fortunate for travelers is that you can find really cheap flights to Dublin. This helps you a lot to save money to discover some of the hidden places of the capital, have some beers in a typical Irish pub and discover the beautiful landscape. Ireland is worth a visit as also the local people are super friendly!

Affordable Places #12: Nepal

Nepal is an Asian country with ancient cultures with Buddhist temples and a big tourist attraction: mountain trekking. Especially the mountain range of the Himalayas is a place for more adventurous people. In addition, you can rest in Kathmandu. A hotel room costs between 5 and 25 dollars, and lunch at the restaurant between 2 and 4 dollars. In order to explore the landscape a little more you can book a day trekking tour including lunch included starting 12 dollards.

Affordable Places #13: Sri Lanka

Virgin corners, relax wherever you look, and 8 dollar accommodation for two people. A dreamy atmosphere of natural treatments and healthy meal, also at incredibly low prices, will make you feel new and want to stay there forever.

Affordable Places #14: Costa Rica

It is one of the places with the largest biodiversity of the planet. The good thing is that you will be able to visit it with a limited budget. There are plenty of national parks to explore which cost only a few dollars to enter. The accommodation is very affordable in Costa Rica. Even accommodation at some of the best surfing beaches can be as cheap as 7 dollars per person. You should try any local dish for as little as 3 or 4 dollars.

Affordable Places #15: South Africa 

Consider the possibility of going in the low season (winter for southern hemisphere) when the hotels and safari lodges are less expensive. Consider renting an Airbnb which is usually cheaper. But you can also rent private villas which are safe and inexpensive in the major cities. Travelers also should consider booking domestic airline tickets in advance for the greatest savings of costs as the flights on South African Airways tend to sell fast.

Affordable Places #16: Cambodia

In Cambodia you can live on a 100 dollar budget a month. This gives you an idea of how affordable it is to do tourism in this country of Southeast Asia. The soup is the star dish, along with rice and fish sweet, and crab to the pepper of Kampot. You can eat and relax in their main city, Phnom Pen, for 3 dollars a day.

The listed places are not only cheap to visit but also offer many sites welcoming and the kindness of the people will make your trip very enjoyable.

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