10 Travel Apps Everyone Needs

10 Travel Apps Everyone Needs

Nowadays, travel has ceased to be a simple way out of the comfort zone, appreciate new cultures, make new friends on the way, enjoy beautiful landscape, local gastronomy, climate different from that to which we are accustomed, to become an art, which involves the sensations encountered on the way, the satisfactions and disappointments, where is the pleasure and where is the misery. The good thing is that with the rise of technology, there are apps that make travel easier and pleasant and make the stay an improved experience. Below, we will present you 10 travel Apps essential to take into account for traveling.

10 travel Apps to make your trip easier and turn it into a pleasant experience

Travel Apps #1: CityMaps 2Go

If you want to move around the city with ease, this app makes it extremely easy. The best thing is that it costs absolutely nothing. You only need to download the application CityMaps 2Go that can be used without the need of having internet on your phone and is available free of charge. The application of maps preset in the first place offers a great design and interface pleasing to the eye, but also a wide range of maps completely offline that can be downloaded quickly on the phone. In addition, it includes a kind of tourist guide with each map, providing a listing and brief description of the most popular sites in each city, information that can be particularly useful and even integrates a search of hotels and tours.

Travel Apps #2: Skype

In the event that you want to communicate with family and friends in any part of the world, Skype offers this option through calls, video conferences and instant messaging. Additionally, you can share any type of file with your contacts, and, best of all, completely free. In addition, you can also add credit to your Skype account enabling you can to make cheap calls also to mobile or landline numbers, regardless of the place in the world that you want to communicate.   www.skype.com


Travel Apps #3: WeatherPRO

If you want to have information about the meteorological conditions of the country to which you are going, WeatherPRO is one of the most convenient on the market. It offers meteorological data of more than two million places in the world. The benefits of using Weather Pro are that it allows you to view the weather conditions from your starting display, without opening the application itself. Every three hours the changes are updated. WeatherPro provides information about the temperature and the thermal sensation in real-time. The sunrise and sunset is calculated by the application. A very useful tool for those who want to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.    For Android    For IoS

Travel Apps #4: TravelSafe

An emergency overseas is stressful enough. It is important for you to find the important information and find them quickly. Especially when you're abroad, it's really crucial to have access to the emergency numbers (police, medical and fire, etc) and in some cases it may also be useful to contact your embassy. With TravelSafe you can have all these information always at your side without a connection to the Internet.   For Android    For IoS

Travel Apps #5: WiFi Finder

For those travelling with a tight budget or who do not want to spend on roaming or a handy Pocket WiFi and need an internet connection, the app WiFi Finder is very useful because it is a search for wireless networks, and in terms of your location, shows all the WiFi networks that are close to you, especially those that are free plus those that can be accessed through accept the services of the local, such as bars or hotels.   For Android    For IoS

Travel Apps #6: XE Currency 

If you travel frequently either for work or pleasure, it may happen that you need to calculate changes in currency all the time. There are many applications that do this for free. However, XE’s Currency app has a very easy to use and intuitive interface. It offers you to add up to 10 currencies you can convert to in real time. Without any doubt, it is the most popular currency app out there.   www.xe.com

Travel Apps #7: Trail Wallet

No one wants to worry about money during the trip. It is a necessity, especially if you're travelling on a shoestring budget. Trail Wallet helps you to make sure that you keep your budget under control and may even allow you to travel longer.

The Trail Wallet app helps you to organize your expenses by trip or by month, set a daily budget, and easily add expenses as you go. Take your bill or receipt, pull out your phone, add the amount using the Quick add screen, and ready. At the end of the day, week, month, or trip, you can see how you are doing. A little more budget? No problem. The app will show you how you are spending your money.

Travel Apps #8: Google Translate 

If you are traveling to a country where people do not speak your language, Google Translate can help you translate simple phrases. There's even an option to be able to translate the images or signs that you see in another language. At the same time, it allows us to translate between dozens of different languages, including combinations, such as, for example, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-French, etc. The only thing you need to do before you depart is to download the languages of your destination. This will help you not to get lost if you do not have internet abroad.   www.translate.google.com

Travel Apps #9: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor provides is one of the world’s biggest sites for reviews and recommendations of hotels, resorts, pensions, travel packages, travel guides, flights, vacation rentals, restaurants etc. This travel App allows you to better plan the journey taking into account the important aspects like price, value for money, real customer pictures etc.   www.tripadvisor.com


Travel Apps #10: Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is one of the travel Apps available for IoS and Android. It lets you browse through 30,760 attractions in more than 7,200 destinations worldwide and book easily and convenient through their App. Get Your Guide works with the best local tour operators and guarantees the best price. The diverse selection of attractions ranges from ticket services for the Louvre in Paris, oriental safaris in the desert of Dubai, to penguin parade and koalas tour in Melbourne. Get Your Guide will make sure you will find the right attraction you like and right to your budget.


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