Visit Yucatan and discover the Mayas

Visit Yucatan and discover the Mayas

I do not understand what you are talking about. That's what Yucatan means. And the Maya could not care about a foreign language, with so much work they had to do with their own. At present, one third of the Yucatecan population dominates that precious and millennial language. Something you will appreciate if you decide to visit the imposing white city.

This ancient house of dinosaurs received the meteorite that extinguished them. It is full of corners that will make your trip to Mexico memorable. Impressive archaeological sites, formidable colonial art, exquisite cuisine and imposing nature are part of what you will find in Yucatan. That is why we have prepared a small guide of what you need to know about this land of cenotes.

Fascinate yourself with Mayas

The metropolis of Chichén Itzá is considered one of the wonders of the world. You can delight your senses with the spectacular Pyramid of Kukulcán, the Caracol Observatory and the Temple of the Warriors. The Ball Game Yard, the sinister Tzompantli and the Group of One Thousand Columns are also impressive places.

Pyramid of Kukulcán is built in an equidistant way between four cenotes located to the north, south, east and west. The cenotes are geological depressions filled with water. Recently it was discovered that another cenote is below the castle which is quite impressive. There are already theories about whether the secret chambers of the pyramid communicate with that mysterious cenote. It was also discovered that there is a pyramid within it, like Matrushka dolls. A decidedly glorious spectacle is the descent of the serpent of the pyramid. During the spring and autumn equinoxes, the sun's rays are reflected in the pyramid in such a way that they emulate the descent of a sinuous snake. Clap on front the pyramid steps and watch what happens.

Between the nature and the science

Thanks to the meteorite that hit Yucatán many eras ago, this land has many peculiarities that make it unique. You can start by visiting the town of Chicxulub, whose name translates in flea of ​​the devil. Be calm! Here you won’t see the one of the horns and trident nor the famous crater. But you can visit the Science and Technology Park of Yucatan. There you can enjoy the Science Museum of the Chicxulub Crater, and also enjoy a spectacular botanical garden. The beaches of this coastal town are very beautiful and have fabulous restaurant and bar services that will spoil you. 

If you are one of the most adventurous, do not miss the opportunity to know the cenotes of Cuzumá. The journey is quite an experience. Make a stop in the Acanceh village. Have breakfast in its market and buy delicious maax ik ​​chilies, while you are listening to the magical Mayan language. When finally you arrive at Cuzumá, make sure you choose a route that you feel comfortable with.

You will take several means of transportation such as motorcycles and small trains to know each cenote. Each of them has its particularity as the Chacsinicché (which translates small tree ant) ​​with some wooden stairs. The Bolonchoojol (means nine drops of water) that has many stalactites. You can take a bath in each cenote and at the end. Go visit the Teya Farm and eat Mayan dishes. Taste the delicious papadzules and try the typical xtabentún which is a liqueur made from honey and flowers.

Between fiction, history and three cultures

For something awesome, you should try the legendary night’s tour. It is a mix between theater and touristic tour that you will surely love. You will walk through the historic center of Mérida. There are several interesting places such as the Peón Contreras Theater, the Church of the Third Order, Mérida Cathedral. Don’t forget visit Xcanzi Ho Square, the Tunnels of the Casa de los Ladrillos and Convent of Conceptionist Mothers.

If you want to delve into the history and architecture of this magical land, you can visit the Izamal town. It is known for being the city of the three cultures, since it combines perfectly the Mayan, colonial and contemporary culture. You can walk on its cobbled streets or even better, walk by authentic sácbes, which were the roads built by the ancient Mayas to communicate.

Explore the main square and admire traditional craftsmanship. The hammocks are super elaborate made with henequen fabrics. They are made so ingeniously that they allow ventilation. The guayabera shirts supposedly are native to Yucatan. They are beautiful and you can find them in cotton and linen.

Visit the Ex Convent of San Antonio de Padua, it is simply regal. It was built on the ancient Mayan shrine called Pap-hol-chac and has a huge enclosed atrium. This town is really a dream come true.

Don’t leave your gadgets for Mexico

Now that you have your tickets to Yucatan, you only have to acquire the best possible technology. My Webspot offers an excellent portable WiFi for Mexico. You can use it to link up to 5 devices at once and it serves to receive and send emails. Use applications to find all the places we have mentioned, post a photo with the Acanceh deer. Everything you need from the internet. This is a tool that will undoubtedly help you to enjoy the delicious marquesitas stuffed with raspberries. In addition it is prepaid, so you will not have surprises and you can receive it anyplace you want.

Before we say goodbye, do not forget when you taste the delicious xtabentún liquor its history. This liquor comes from a flower with the same name. Legend has it that a beautiful woman named Xtabay was a prostitute with a good heart. She helped the needy, saved the animals that nobody wanted and assisted the sick people. Nobody wanted her for her job. One day the people realized they had not seen her for a long time and approached her house that exuded a delicious smell. They found her dead and with her beloved animals crying at her side. She was buried and the flower xtabentún came out of the earth that covered her. Amazing!



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