How a WiFi portable can improve the way you travel?

How a WiFi portable can improve the way you travel?

Ask any person in this world, what is one of your favorite hobby or pastime activity? The answer surely will be “I love to travel.” But if you ask them the next question that what you love about a place you visited or did you incur any issues while traveling or is commuting within the city probable or a headache, you will surely get a mum answer from the majority of the people. The reason is that people who “Love” to travel do not travel for the sake of traveling they just need a break from the mundane life and do something different.

But then how can you know about a place before going there if the majority of the people travel to do something different? Well, for that there are a plethora of internet sources and travel apps that will guide you before going to your destination and after arriving there. Just type a few magic words, and you will get millions of sources that are squabbling with each other to answer the question. All this requires internet, and at home, there can be no issue but what about when you reach your destination, and there you need to find out the best restaurant to eat. Asking the locals won’t help if you are not a native, here again, the internet will come to your rescue. But what if you are traveling to a remote country and the amenities are not as developed as in your country.

Presenting My Webspot

Well, fortunately, there is a magnificent solution, the wifi portable. Carry it anywhere you want, use it anytime and enjoy skyrocketing internet speed in the Kalahari Desert located in Africa. The importance of constant internet connection is not hidden from anybody, our work, relationships, daily activities, and everything you can imagine is done through internet. My Webspot is a portable WiFi hotspot with unlimited internet available globally.

What if you want to post a live video on your Facebook page while bungee jumping in Nepal? @The last resort, which is the second highest bungee jump in the world, you must try it. But what if there is no data connection on your mobile, well, thanks to the magical my Webspot portable wifi device which can give you unlimited internet connectivity 24*7 and that too at cost-effective rates.

If you are thinking that how will you find My Webspot in an oriental destination, then don’t? With the presence in more than 100 countries, your wifi portable will be delivered to your hotel or your place of stay after successful ordering. Log in to the website and place your order, and enjoy unlimited internet anytime anywhere, and never miss posting a live update of Facebook or Instagram.

Why My Webspot?

You may find free internet in various locations, but when traveling, you cannot rely on the public wifi connections for speed and security reasons. With portable wifi in your pocket, you won’t have to dabble around every spot to get a reliable connection; the world of the internet will go wherever you take it.

  1. Unlimited: get internet access in the remotest part of your destination country because my Webspot has humungous connectivity portability in the entire world. Moreover, there is no usage limit, use as much data you want and for as many days as you like. It’s simple, effective and efficient and most importantly cost-effective.
  2. Whoosh: you know the most frustrating thing about doing anything on the internet is the small circle in the middle of page rotating endlessly hitherto the page we want, opens. Encountering a similar situation while traveling can be even more deploring for anyone. Had you carried along portable my Webspot, these trivial issues would have never come ashore. This small device can provide high-speed internet, in turn, saving the day and your money.
  3. Cross-country traveling: Going from one country to another isn’t going to de-motivate wifi portable. Your normal SIM data connections will stop working the moment you step into another country. My Webspot is not marred by the territorial limitations. This device is your perfect travel partner wherever you go.
  4. One device to connect them all: You must have searched for various portable wifi hotspots and getting insights into its usage and all. But have you checked that how many devices can it connect? Most of the devices are compatible with one or two devices, but with My Webspot, you can connect up to 5 devices without having to worry about the internet speed.
  5. Battery life: imagine the time when we won’t have to charge our devices anymore, just turn it on and use it endlessly unless you decide to get rid of it. Wonder, how that could be! But we are not there yet; the contemporary devices need recurrent charging. A My Webspot portable wifi device can last up to 8 hours when charged 100%, and you can also extend this limit by turning it off when not required.

I want it, how go it rent one?

That’s my man; you are making an excellent choice. The procedure is simple and will be over in a jiffy.

  • Log on to the website of My Webspot to get your wifi portable device. You can pre-book your portable device here or book when you reach your hotel.
  • Fill in the details of your destination, and it will be delivered there on the day you will arrive, or you can also pick it up from authorized stores and kiosks or from the My Webspot office.
  • Choose your data plan and the number of days for which you need the device. The prices are given on a per day basis.
  • Authorize the payment and enjoy high speed, unlimited internet for as many days as you want.

Thank you for your service, where to return it?

Having enjoyed the internet services returning the device is convenient and simple. Call in for a pickup or drop the device in the provided envelopes at any of the authorized stores, and airport kiosks in various countries. Moreover, you can also drop it off at the My Webspot stores without any cost.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.