Wifi in Norway

Wifi in Norway

These are the 4 possible options to stay connected to the wifi in Norway during your trip.


In the whole Scandinavian peninsula including Norway, using the free wifi is a good alternative, for its ease of keeping us connected for free. However, the Norwegian public network is only accessible in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Tromso, Trondheim, whose tourist and population references are of utmost importance.

Internet cafés and hotels are the main points of access, with the largest influx of tourists and visitors. But as all over the world, these sites necessarily require a minimum consumption for you to be able to use the password to access your wifi in Norway. In that sense, free wifi is not so free, as it faces its own limitations.

In some sites there are exceptions and you can get certain public and free wifi access points in Norway without so many drawbacks, but what is very true and complicated is to find those access points to free wifi. At present the placement of maps with free wifi access points is already a requirement that is being advanced in the European Community of Nations. At the moment there are few places where this policy is being applied; that is why most of the connection points to the wifi are still the traditional cybercafés.

The biggest problem faced by providers of free Wi-Fi service is its quality, highlighting its speed, due to the low investment that providers have to adapt their technological infrastructure to improve considerably the quality of free wifi. Many frequent travelers and business, with a time that depends on very tight agendas, are not accustomed to the idea of using free wifi for the inconveniences they have to face as the times of uploads and downloads. The cyber pirates are everywhere and Norway does not escape this reality, generating a climate of insecurity, especially in these public wifi networks with coverage at major airports in the country and elsewhere.

Most travelers who connect to a free wifi network in Norway end up paying a lot of data roaming services at the end of their trip to be able to stay connected and finally the other limitation is that, if you are not in the big cities, it will be almost impossible to find a good free wifi connection.


Renting a portable wifi in Norway with MY WEBSPOT is the most reliable, practical, convenient and economical solution in the whole Scandinavian peninsula that includes of course Norway. A portable or pocket wifi, also known as mifi, is a small wireless hotspot connected via the 4G mobile network. The device is a very comfortable and practical device that, because of its dimensions, can be carried in any pocket of your jacket or in a handbag. This device allows you to be connected up to 15 meters from the main user, with reliable access to 10 computers such as Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and Laptops. The battery has an autonomy of 8 hours in wifi 4G. The download speed reaches 100 Mbps and the upload reaches about 40 Mbps. When there is no 4G network available, the portable wifi will connect in 3G.

Our portable wifi offers the possibility of unlimited Internet access. Also, you will have access to all your applications. You will be able to receive and send emails, use maps for orientation, use applications to find good addresses during your stay in Norway. The traveler will have unlimited access to 4G LTE. Thus, not only can we compare the efficiency of the devices connected to the portable wifis for rent, but we can establish differences with the other options for mobiles.

One of the biggest advantages of pocket wifi is that when you're no longer visiting these big cities, you can stay connected with optimal coverage, moving around Norway and switching from one network to another without any inconvenience, always enjoying a good signal. In Norway we have the support of the most important local mobile network providers such as Telenor Mobil, Network Norway, NetCom to guarantee you the best coverage and quality of the network. Our network of providers are the most economical. In conclusion, MY WEBSPOT offers the best solution for travellers, offering the best high speed data packages with 4G LTE.


When you travel to Norway and request the use of prepaid cards, the main providers of these always ask you for an account with a local address in your place of stay during your stay, in order to be able to adapt an accessible data plan. In Norway there are many providers who are dedicated to the exclusive service of this type of prepaid card. In Norway, the results for the use of the famous prepaid cards are totally different from free wifi or pocket wifi, allowing you to make only local calls, with a poor and very slow quality of mobile Internet, below 3G. Therefore, the rental of portable wifi routers is more frequent than prepaid cards.

Another of the main difficulties with prepaid cards is that you have to make sure that the mobile phone is compatible with the frequency bands available in the place of stay. If this is not the case, you will bring one of these cards as a souvenir of your stay in Norway, since you will not be able to use it at any time.


Certainly this could be the data service that more limitations, inconveniences and headaches will give us when we meet in Norway as tourists to enjoy a healthy vacation or business diligences.

Itinerant data plans or Roaming in Norway are perhaps the poorest but most expensive Internet that travellers experience as they pass through European countries. There are some providers who have billed $2/Mb plans knowing beforehand that an average traveler can only generally use up to 800 MB per day. In many cases, travelers stay connected without realizing it, exceeding the consumption of their plan. This can be a big surprise on their return, when they have to pay very high bills that do not match the reality. That's why you have to be very vigilant and alert with telephone operators and their roaming data packages. The result could be a giant and unpayable bill.

*Unlimited internet with Daily Fair Usage Policy applies. Europe & USA: 1GB in 4G/LTE - Mexico : 2GB - South East Asia, Japan & China: Unlimited 4G/LTE - Rest of the world: 500MB in 4G /LTE. Throttled speed of up to 512kbps afterwards.