What to do in Santorini during your stay?

What to do in Santorini during your stay?

Santorini is one of the main tourist attractions in Greece. Its white villages with blue domes perched at the top of the cliffs make it a magical place. What happens when you arrive in an unknown place? Sometimes you don't know exactly what to do. My Webspot is the ideal companion, to help you discover this place with the comfort of being connected, to search for restaurants and activities. This article, what to do in Santorini, is here to help you! Here are some tips and addresses so that you can enjoy your stay.

What to do in Santorini: by boat

The first thing to do in Santorini is to admire your arrival on this beautiful island. You will discover a magical place that will dazzle your eyes. The cliff outlines the contours of the crater of the submerged volcano under the sea. Two of the most popular excursions are on the trails of the Nea Kaméni volcano. You can take advantage of its excursions to swim in the hot springs.

We advise you to do them, the landscapes are incomparable, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes. You will sail for 30 minutes and then a guide will be present to help you discover this island and its history. The last eruption of the volcano was in 1950. The last activity we recommend is Therassia Island where you will find a charming harbour and a beautiful pebble beach. If you are brave enough, you can take the path to the village of Manolas. Be careful, the ascent is difficult.

Santorini by foot

On this beautiful island, we can also advise you to go for a few walks. To visit the surrounding places, such as the village of Manolas. Near Akrotiri, in the south of the island, you will find the Red Beach. To get there, you have to take a small stony path. Remember to take appropriate shoes so as not to hurt yourself.

If your feet need care, go to the Kissing Foot Spa where you will have several pedicure choices including one with fish! Small fish are used to gnaw at the dead skin on your feet.

The points of view that Santorini should not miss

It would be a shame to stay in Santorini and not enjoy its magnificent views. Who doesn't dream of contemplating the sea as far as the eye can see from an island. We recommend that you spend at least one night in a hotel in Oia, it is a very touristic place, but with an incomparable view that you will not regret. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and that our activities in Santorini will have given you some ideas.

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