Visit Zagreb

Visit Zagreb

There are cities that fall in love, generating great passions in scenarios in which the traveler can vibrate as if he were the protagonist of a romantic novel, one of these places is Zagreb.

With a million inhabitants and located between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe, still retains the spell of the Middle Ages, since it was the result of the union of two medieval cities.

Zagreb the Passion made City

Visiting Zagreb is such a romantic experience that you'll also have the train for a film trip, which will immerse you in melancholy in the best European style; the train station is in Tomislavov trg.

A city reserved for those tourists fascinated with knowing the streets of cities of the Middle Ages, their houses, monuments, castles and towers and of course to taste its gastronomy, its cakes and drinks.

Monuments and Mythical buildings, Only in Zagreb.

The Cathedral of Zagreb or The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary an architectural achievement and the greatest expression of Gothic religious architecture of the Alps and the symbol that best describes the city of Zagreb. An example of the mark left in Europe by the architectural styles of extreme beauty. In this spectacular sanctuary with three polygonal apses in the Gothic style of the thirteenth century, the three naves of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries stand out.

Another important religious structure is the Church of Sveti Marko, in the neighborhood of Gradec, with a magical touch, a spectacular roof with small round tiles of colors. Also monumental is the Puerta de Piedra (Stone Gate), the entrance to the city in earlier times, next to it, a chapel with the image of the Virgin guards the entrance.

Samobor Castle, close to the border with Slovenia, where hundreds of tourists come on weekends, where the pure air that is breathed there (which is very rich), drives us and encourages us to continue traveling and getting to know Zagreb.

After passing through Medvednica, you will arrive at Varazdin and its Baroque Castle of magical tales; many small towns and medieval castles will appear to meet you. Varazdin was the capital of Croatia in the past, to which it owes its magnificent landscape full of buildings from the Middle Ages, such as the great theater of the eleventh century, of the most important concert halls in Zagreb.

An obligatory photo in the popular Horse Square, in front of Josip Jelacic in the cosy and lively Tkalciceva street. It will be the first thing you do when you begin your journey through its cobblestone streets, its transparent waters, its festivities and the splendid Adriatic when visiting Zagreb.

Surrounded by very classical, modern and rationalist palaces, you will find The Main Square, apart from its large buildings, is one of the most traditional and commercial areas of Zagreb conducive to buying souvenirs in Calle Llica. Tkalciceva Street, one of the main streets, has become a leisure area for young people, as well as a shopping and antiques area.

The National Theatre, a genuine neoclassical expression, is open to welcome lovers of the classic. In Zagreb operates a small funicular since 1981, which was a means of transport of the city for a long time, are 60 meters. an incredible experience that also took you to the lower city or Gornji Grad.

If you are interested in museums, the Naif Art Museum and the Atelje Mestrovic are the perfect places with many sculptures by Croatia's most sought-after artists.

Zagreb also offers Leisure, Leisure and Shopping.

It is incredible to be in Zagreb, the everlasting capital of Croatia and admire its current brilliance, while remembering that in 1222 it was totally destroyed by the Tatars. Zagreb has two areas in the Lower City (Donji Grad) with many Austro-Hungarian buildings, such as the museum of Hrvatslo Narodno Kazaliste and tasting an aromatic coffee, before enjoying the streets of Gajeva and Bogovióeva Ulica.

At the Trg Bana Jelacica fountain, Mandusevac, as is still tradition in many European cities, you will be able to toss your coins to see if fortune rewards you or grants a wish, feel free to try it.

Café Zabica, one of the oldest and classic coffees, with more than 150 years serving its aromatic, tasty and sparkling coffee with cream, as if to visit Zagreb again. A Japanese restaurant Takenoko that is the only one with Oriental food, is a delight in all Croatia and you will verify them when Visiting Zagreb.

The Medvednica Park, the perfect place to enjoy the heights since here is the Sljeme with 1.035 mts. of altitude; so that the most daring winter practice skiing and treeking in summer.

The Dolac Market, offers you a variety of clothes and ties stalls, a garment that was born here.

Although the stay is very pleasant, we should not stop eating, so delighting with a chicken with shrimp, along with the Kremsnitze with pastry cream, typical of the town of Samobor will fill us with strength. Although on the way it is worth to stop and take out the postcard of the trip in the Castle of Trakoscan, raised in the top of a Rock.

Thanks to the great tourist development, there is the ZAGREB CARD, which currently offers travelers many benefits for the enjoyment of all activities in their stay at a reasonable price, the product of a strategic alliance between the Tourist Center of Zagreb and Five Stars Ltd. who put the operation and use of their card ZAGREB CARD, for anyone who can visit Zagreb.

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